The countdown officially begins: Jon Stewart will depart as host of The Daily Show on August 6, he announced in tonight’s show. Stewart had previously said he would step down after more than a decade as the show’s host. After endless speculation, Comedy Central announced (soon setting off plenty of kerfuffles over old Twitter posts) that South African comic Trevor Noah would be Stewart’s successor.

The program quickly posted this Twitter video of Stewart’s announcement “of the start date of his new career as non-host of The Daily Show!’:

Stewart promises that, “I will be wearing a suit. I will more likely be showered,” and then quickly amends when that pair of lines doesn’t garner quite the reaction he’d hoped. Overalls and no shower it is. Also of worthwhile notice: they’ll be raffling off tickets to the final show and will fly in the winners and put them up. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to a non-profit group, Night of Too Many Stars.