2ND UPDATE: 8:53 AM: Organizers of the May 7 Hillary Clinton fundraiser to be held at Haim and Cheryl Saban’s home are now telling Deadline that Jeffrey Katzenberg is not involved in an official capacity. Deadline was told last night by reliable sources that Katzenberg would be co-hosting the event, but that got some of the main organizers understandably bent out of shape after they put the whole thing together. The main movers and shakers here are the Sabans and Casey Wasserman. Technically, the Katzenberg claim is true, but it is also overreaching, and it seems understandable some would begrudge a powerful guest for appearing to steal the thunder from an event he didn’t arrange. The way this fundraiser works, any individual who raises $27,000 for the event is automatically named a co-host even if they had nothing to do with the organizing. As for the former First Lady and White House aspirant, it’s gotta feel good there’s a tug of war over her in Hollywood, with cash shaking out at every turn.

UPDATE, 6:53 PM: It was never even a secret that the DreamWorks Animation boss was on board with Team Hillary for 2016 but now it’s official. Jeffrey Katzenberg has been added as co-host of the $2,700 a ticket fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at Haim and Cheryl Saban’s house on May 7. The biggest bundler for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, the DWA CEO will join the Power Rangers billionaire and long time Clinton supporter and Casey Wasserman in hosting the evening event at the Saban’s Beverly Hill home.

While this is Katzenberg’s first formal foray into Campaign 2016 since Clinton made it International Medical Corps Annual Awards Celebration - Showofficial herself in mid-April, it is far from the first time he’s co-hosted a fundraiser with the former Secretary of State. Back in October last year, Katzenberg co-hosted a midterm event for the Democrats that had Clinton as the big draw. And it was a very big draw – bringing in a record $2.1 million for the party. Heading towards the Presidential primaries, Katzenberg and his political advisor Andy Spahn are expected to play a prominent financial role for Clinton in hovering up Hollywood money. Spahn’s wife Jennifer Perry had some news of her own today. Gov. Jerry Brown appointed the Children’s Action Network executive director to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors.

PREVIOUS, APRIL 23 PM: Less than two weeks after she formally announced her latest run for the White House, the former Secretary of State’s first Tinseltown fundraisers have been set on the calendar. Hillary Clinton will be double dipping in Hollywood’s cash register on May 7 with a lunch at Steven Bochco’s and a dinner at Haim Saban’s, co-hosted by Casey Wasserman. Tickets to both shindigs are $2,700 each according to those organizing the events. That amount is the legal individual limit during the primary phase of the 2016 Presidential campaign.

“It was only a matter of time before Hillary came out to Hollywood,” one political insider said tonight. “This is where the Clintons have deep support. This is where the money is for Democrats and 2016 is shaping up to be a very expensive campaign. And this is just the first of many visits she’ll be making in the next year.”

California’s retiring Senator Barbara Boxer is expected to be in attendance at Steven and Dayna Bochco’s Pacific Palisades home. Longtime Hillary supporter and 24 producer Howard Gordon, who hosted a Clinton SuperPAC event last fall, will be there too a that the NYPD Blue and Commander-In-Chief producer’s place. Opening the doors of their Beverly Hills home next month, Haim and Cheryl Saban are also veteran Clinton backers. They hosted a $15,000 a ticket Hillary headlined fundraiser in their home on October 30, 2013.

Both Boxer and Gordon were at the record breaking $2.1 million fundraiser for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that the ex-New York Senator was the marquee name for back in October last year for the party’s ultimately unsuccessful midterm efforts. That westside event was co-chaired by big Barack Obama bundler co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg. While openly backing Hillary this time round, the DreamWorks Animation boss isn’t signed on for the events in early May – though there is no doubt he’ll be spearheading fundraising for the former First Lady in the coming months.