A Fantastic Four international trailer (it’s in English with subtitles) has a few tidbits the domestic version didn’t show , including brief scenes of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch played by Michael B. Jordan, in full flame and flight.

It’s not a big addition, but for Fantastic Four Fans, it may ignite a bit of conversation. There are also shots of The Thing (played by Jamie Bell under it all) busting out and Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) being very visible indeed. Fantastic Four also stars Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic himself.

The film, a reboot of the franchise based on the classic comic series, is directed by Josh Trank from a screenplay written by Trank, Simon Kinberg and Jeremy Slater. It’s set for an Aug. 7 release from Twentieth Century Fox and, of course, Marvel.

What do you think of the trailer? Anything here got you fired up?