The Daytime Emmys brought a soap-opera-ish end to its return to television with a tie for the night’s biggest award: Best Drama. The Young and The Restless and Days of Our Lives split that one. Y&R tied with General Hospital for the most awards, as each snagged three. GH took the top two actor awards for Anthony Geary and Maura West.

Tyra Banks hosted the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards on the Pop network after a year of online-only coverage.The Bold and the Beautiful won two awards, for writing and directing, and so did Y&R. Big winners included Entertainment Tonight, CBS Sunday Morning, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Craig Ferguson, picking up a Daytime Emmy (for Celebrity Name Game) just a couple of months after his late-night show ended. 

The return to TV and to Pop, which bills itself as TV for the fan, also led to a big emphasis on fans, including giving one soap fan a chance to attend the ceremony with one of her favorite soap stars (and help him announce a category winner). It also includes three fan-voted categories, including “best wedding disaster” and “best bitch slap.” When you’ve been exiled to online for a year, maybe a little fan pandering on your return is in order.

The show started with a distinctly odd, if still amusing, pre-recorded bit featuring DeGeneres and The Today Show host Matt Lauer. They were putatively burying the hatchet on a prank war between the two. Except Lauer’s body had superimposed over it that of a male stripper in pasties and a garter belt. The upside: Lauer promised to make a charitable donation for every person on stage who thanked him, and plenty of them did. He’ll be needing a contract renegotiation upward at this point.

Read the rest of the results as they spun out with our blog below.One note: because of a brief connection problem, we missed reporting that Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan’s Live! With Kelly And Michael won best Informative Talk Show Host.

Here’s the breakdown by network of win totals:

ABC ………………… 4
NBC ……………… 2
Food Network ..…. 1
Telemundo ..… 1

And here’s the complete winner’s list:

Outstanding Drama series

Days of Our Lives                                                                                    NBC

Executive Producer

Ken Corday

Co-Executive Producers

Lisa De Cazotte, Greg Meng

Senior Coordinating Producer

Janet Spellman-Drucker

Coordinating Producer

Randy Dugan


Albert Alarr


The Young and the Restless                                                                     CBS

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Supervising Producers

John Fisher, Tony Morina

Coordinating Producer

Matthew J. Olsen


Mary O’Leary


Outstanding Culinary Program

Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics                                        Food Network

Executive Producer

Rachel Purnell

Supervising Producer

Olivia Ball

Line Producers

Luke Boyle, Carl Green


Outstanding Game Show

Jeopardy!                                                                                   SYNDICATED

Executive Producer

Harry Friedman

Supervising Producers

Lisa Broffman, Rocky Schmidt

Senior Producer

Deb Dittmann

Coordinating Producer

Bob Sofia


Brett Schneider, Maggie Speak

Editorial Producer

Billy Wisse


Outstanding Morning Program

CBS Sunday Morning                                                                                CBS

Executive Producer

Rand Morrison

Senior Producers

Gavin Boyle, Amy Rosner, Jason Sacca


Sari Aviv, Jon Carras, John D’Amelio, Kate D’Arcy, Patricia Finnegan, Ed Forgotson, Alan Golds,

Peter Goodman, John Goodwin, Mark Hudspeth, Nathan James, Jay Kernis, Young Kim, Sara Kugel, Anthony Laudato, Kay M. Lim, Robbyn McFadden, Amol Mhatre, Meggie Miao, David Morgan,

Reid Orvedahl, Ramon Parkins, Mary Raffalli, David Rothman, Bernard Rozenberg, Ayesha Siddiqi,

Douglas Smith, Patty Smith, Dustin Stephens, Mary Lou Teel, Amy Wall, Amiel Weisfogel


Lauren Barnello, David Bhagat, Chad Cardin, Joseph Frandino, Ed Givnish, Shilpi Gupta, Remington Korper, Mike Levine, Maria Nicoletti, George Pozderec, Carol A Ross, David Small

Producers Visual Arts

John Molloy, Jessica Frank

Editorial Producer

Cathy L. Lewis


Nora Gerard


Tom Harris

Field Producers

Henry Bautista, Mike Hernandez

Planning Producer

Robin Sanders

Producer Visual Arts

Bob Pook


Charles Osgood


Serena Altschul, Rita Braver, Lee Cowan, Bill Geist, Anthony Mason, Jane Pauley, Mo Rocca, Tracy Smith,

Susan Spencer, Martha Teichner

Contributing Correspondent

David Turecamo

Contributing Commentators

Nancy Giles, David Pogue, Faith Salie, Ben Stein

Film Critic

David Edelstein


Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish/

Programa Matutino Sobresaliente en Español

 Un Nuevo Día                                                                               Telemundo

Senior Executive Producers

Alina Falcón, Maria López-Alvarez

Executive Producer

Maria García-Márquez

Supervisor Producer

Aidé Devis

Supervisor Line Producer

Sylmarie Vazquez-Pérez

Line Producers

Trenzado Lourdes, Jorge Torres-Sojo

Creative Producer

Magda Rodríguez


Alex Aguiar, Fernando Almanzar, Carlos Alzate, Lina Bidot, Alejandro Cacho, Christine Catrillón,

María Cepeda, Liza Cereso, Sheila Colón, Johan Gonzalez, Manuela Guardia, Francisco Haro, Andrea Jaime, Marcelo Maselli, Moraima Pérez, Angel Román, Manfredo Schmidt, Patricia Sena, Paloma Veloz


Javier Soto-George


Eugenia Betancur


Jose Corzo


Ana María Canseco, Rashel Díaz, Adamari López, Daniel Sarcos, Diego Schoening


James Tahhan


Verónica Albornoz, Francisco Cáceres, Azucena Cierco, María Del Carmen Gonzalez, Karina Monroy, Camilo Montoya, Mario Perea

Outstanding Talk Show / Informative

Steve Harvey                                                                            SYNDICATED

Executive Producers

Alex Duda, Steve Harvey, Rushion McDonald

Co-Executive Producer

Jason Kurtz

Senior Supervising Producer

Kareen Gunning

Senior Consulting Producer

Chris Lamson

Supervising Producers

Kevin Boyer, Kevin Burke, Kim Gagne, Nicole Petreshock

Senior Producers

Tracey La’Stell Slates, Sushupti Yalamanchili


Michelle Barnard, Kevin Hurley, Leah Kaplan-Kohn, Melinda Leonas, Julie Maddox, Jaime Mui,

Suzie Munson, Brooke Turner, Nancy Vaden

Segment Producers

Trizonna McClendon, Austin Mills, Nik Robinson

Field Producers

Ali Galante, Jock Hedblade, Anneke Mills

Line Producer

Jonna Walsh


Outstanding Talk Show / Entertainment

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                      SYNDICATED

Executive Producers

Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner

Co-Executive Producers

Melissa Geiger Schrift, Kevin A. Leman II, Jonathan Norman, Derek Westervelt

Supervising Producer

Kara Hogan Leonardo

Coordinating Producer

Ross Williams

Senior Producers

Corey Palent, Ellen Rocamora, Matthew Wright, Andrew Zenor


Lori Blackman, Jamie Brunton, Alissa Cote, Christopher Cucci, Jason Gelles, Claudia Gharibian, Tracy Gold,

Travis Helwig, Suzanne Luna, Liz Patrick, Aaron Pinkston, Lauren Pomerantz, Korey Provencher,

Amy Rhodes, Gil Rief, Hilary Robe, Troy Thomas, Adam Yenser

Line Producer

Nicole Collins


Outstanding Entertainment News Program  

Entertainment Tonight                                                                             CBS

Executive Producer

Brad Bessey

Senior Producers

Liz Applegate, Chris Clark, Eliza Cost, Leslie Kawaguchi, Erik Photenhauer, Ray Slaboda, Bonnie Tiegel

Senior Supervising Producers

Bridgette Jones, Mylin Watkins

Supervising Producers

Ron Glines, Carolyn Greenspan-Rosen, John Kosinski, Whitney Nevill-Wallace, Steve Noble, Amy Purnell, Dan Schanks, Joe Siyam, Jama Suchomel

Coordinating Producers

Jen Antonelli, Michael De Lazzer, Ben Wallace

Segment Producers

Elise Backus, Tracie De La Rosa, Kevin Gershan, Becky Levitt, Bruce MacCallum, Haig Mackey,

Escobar Romeo


Kevin Frazier, Nancy O’Dell


Brooke Anderson, Nischelle Turner


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

MAURA WEST, as Ava Jerome

General Hospital                                                                                      ABC


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer

General Hospital                                                                                      ABC


Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman

The Young and the Restless                                                                     CBS


Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos

General Hospital                                                                                      ABC


Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

HUNTER KING, as Summer Newman

The Young and the Restless                                                                     CBS


Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

FREDDIE SMITH, as Sonny Kiriakis

Days of Our Lives                                                                                    NBC


Outstanding Game Show Host


Celebrity Name Game                                                              SYNDICATED


Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host


The Chew                                                                                                 ABC


Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host


Live! with Kelly and Michael                                                    SYNDICATED


Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                      CBS

Head Writer

Bradley Bell

Co-Head Writer

Michael Minnis


Rex M. Best, Shannon Bradley, Adam Dusevoir, Tracey Ann Kelly, Patrick Mulcahey, Jack F. Smith, Michele Val Jean


Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                      CBS


Jennifer Howard, Deveney Kelly, Cynthia J. Popp, David Shaughnessy, Michael Stich

Associate Directors

Clyde Kaplan, Jennifer Scott Christenson, Catherine Sedwick, Steve Wacker

Stage Managers

Doug Hayden, Lisa Winther-Huston, Laura Yale

Production Associates

Robin Harvey, Lori Staffier

David Bloom April 26, 20154:47 pm

Getting ready for the awards in a few. New mobile app Whipclip cut a deal with the Pop network to make it easy to pull clips from the show and share them on social and elsewhere. We’ll be monitoring there as well as the broadcast for keepers. 

David Bloom April 26, 20154:48 pm

Getting ready for the awards in a few. New mobile app Whipclip cut a deal with the Pop network to make it easy to pull clips from the show and share them on social and elsewhere. We’ll be monitoring there as well as the broadcast for keepers.

David Bloom April 26, 20155:03 pm

Well, it’s up and rolling, with Matt Lauer in pasties and garter belt. Did NOT see that coming….

David Bloom April 26, 20155:05 pm

David Bloom April 26, 20155:06 pm

That’s a look. 

And now we have a recently shorn Tyra Banks rapping. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:10 pm

Best supporting actress, daytime drama, winner is Amelia Heinle, Y&R

David Bloom April 26, 20155:14 pm

Outstanding entertainment news program, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ which started the genre 35 years ago. Kind of nice, actually. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:19 pm

Here’s the clip of Matt Lauer’s little show-opening come-on:

David Bloom April 26, 20155:20 pm

David Bloom April 26, 20155:22 pm

Outstanding Game Show Host: Craig Ferguson, ‘Celebrity Name Game’

Funny that just as he leaves his long-time late-night spot he wins a DAYTIME Emmy. 
David Bloom April 26, 20155:24 pm

Outstanding Morning News Show: CBS Sunday Morning. Charles Osgood looks like he slept in. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:31 pm

Daytime Emmys have juiced it up with some “fan favorite” awards, but not sure we want to encourage assault with “Best Bitch Slap” in a time when all the discussion is on issues like domestic abuse. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:33 pm

Nice bit about bringing an elementary-school teacher up from a San Pedro (that’s part of Los Angeles) to attend the Daytime Emmys with one of her favorite soap stars. She looks, sweetly, suitably, completely overwhelmed. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:34 pm

Best Supporting Actor, Drama: Chad Duell, ‘General Hospital’

David Bloom April 26, 20155:41 pm

First ever winner of Morning Program in Spanish: Un Nuevo Dia on Telemundo. Good for the Academy to recognize the huge growth in Spanish-language programming. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:47 pm

Fun ‘Password Plus’ gameshow schtick leading into the lifetime achievement award for Betty White, featuring Charro, Regis and others

David Bloom April 26, 20155:52 pm

Fred Willard tries to untie the knotty family link between his character and Betty White’s from one of the three shows they did together. He nearly gets played off the stage. And Charro can still swing her hips without hurting herself. Kinda remarkable. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:54 pm

“Oh My goodness, I cannot tell you what this means,” says Betty White, who said she started in show business in 1949. 

David Bloom April 26, 20155:55 pm

“So much thanks to you, and your mothers and fathers, and grandmothers and grandfathers…..And a couple of great-grandfathers when I was younger.” Betty White so sweet. And she can still deliver a joke. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:02 pm

Younger Actor in a Drama Series: Freddie Smith ‘Days of Our Lives’ 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:05 pm

Younger Actress in a Drama Series: Hunter King, The Young and The Restless.Y&R’s second win

David Bloom April 26, 20156:07 pm

Here’s video of Betty White’s acceptance speech. She can still sell a joke.

David Bloom April 26, 20156:15 pm

Steve Harvey wins for oustanding talk show, informative

David Bloom April 26, 20156:18 pm

Donna Mills, who’ll be on the new Pop show after the awards, looks amazing, especially for someone now in her 70s. Sat with her and husband recently. Lovely people. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:19 pm

Drama series directing team winner: The Bold and the Beautiful

David Bloom April 26, 20156:21 pm

Outstanding Drama Series writing team: The Bold and the Beautiful again. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:24 pm

What is Jeopardy? The Outstanding Game Show winner, Alex 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:28 pm

Will say they’re moving these awards along at an impressive clip. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:29 pm

Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host: The Chew and its several hosts win

David Bloom April 26, 20156:31 pm

Outstanding Culinary Program winner: Barefoot Contessa

David Bloom April 26, 20156:35 pm

Days of Our Lives gets a Years of Our Lives retrospective. Half a century on, they’ve earned it. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:41 pm

Gut punch of a clip featuring the late Joan Rivers, and a big hand for her daughter on stage. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:43 pm

Nice to give Joan Rivers a special moment ahead of the In Memoriam section. Always the trickiest part of these programs. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:47 pm

That parting shot of a baby-faced Paul Walker from his soap-opera days was an interesting inclusion. He died Nov. 30, 2013, and they had a (untelevised) Daytime Emmy show last year. But Furious 7 came out a four weeks ago. 

David Bloom April 26, 20156:50 pm

Here’s video link to Charo shaking and baking ahead of Betty White’s award speech:

David Bloom April 26, 20156:52 pm

Younger Actor winner Freddie Smith acceptance speech:

David Bloom April 26, 20156:56 pm

Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment winner The Ellen DeGeneres Show

David Bloom April 26, 20156:57 pm

Lead Actor in a Drama Series winner is Anthony Geary, General Hospital. He’s been with that show since it was a special hospital. 

David Bloom April 26, 20157:05 pm

Lead Actress in a Drama Series winner is Maura West, General Hospital. Good night for GH leads. 

David Bloom April 26, 20157:10 pm

Outstanding Drama of the Year winner, the big one, is: a TIE. How soap opera-ish….Days of Our Lives and 

David Bloom April 26, 20157:11 pm

It also goes to The Young and the Restless

David Bloom April 26, 20157:15 pm

Steve Harvey bit after the last big award has to be killing execs at Pop, who are trying to promote their new show and seeing awards eat into it. But, we are out of here.