One more agent from the comedy group that abruptly left CAA last week has followed his colleagues to UTA. Andrew Skikne has joined UTA’s touring department. At CAA, Skikne worked closely with comedy touring head Nick Nuciforo as well as agents Jason Heyman, Martin Lesak, Gregory McKnight and Greg Cavic, the five top-level CAA comedy agents who first made the move last Tuesday, joining UTA as partners. Skikne will again work for Nuciforo who now heads UTA’s comedy touring department.

The transfer of Heyman, Lesak, Nuciforo, McKnight and Cavic’s team is now complete, with a total of 11 agents — including John Sacks, Susie Fox, Joanna Scott, Mackenzie Condon and Chelsea McKinnies — and two coordinators — Sean Eisenberg and Samantha Murphy — switching teams.

CAA already has started legal proceedings — a lawsuit and arbitration — against the original five defectors.

As Nuciforo took over UTA’s comedy touring department, UTA’s head of Music/Personal Appearances Rob Prinz left to join ICM Partners as a partner and Co-Head of Worldwide Concerts alongside Steve Levine.