During tonight’s interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner talked about wanting, as a small child growing up in Tarrytown, to dress in his sisters’ dresses, and cover his short hair with his mother’s scarves.

“I was a lonely boy. I’m still a lonely big boy,” Jenner said. “I don’t socialize a lot. I’m not an outgoing person. I never fit in.”

“I see women and think how lucky they are that they can wake up in the morning and be themselves.”

Bruce Jenner – The Interview had been kept under such tight wraps at ABC News, the first on-air promo it released this week did not even show Jenner’s face. That 15 seconds of the back of Jenner’s head and shadows featured only Sawyer’s well-lit face, and the voice-over promised only to reveal “the journey, the decisions, the future.”