ABC News made it official this morning: Diane Sawyer will interview Bruce Jenner about his transition on April 24. “Bruce Jenner’s far-ranging, exclusive interview with ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer airs Friday, April 24, on a special edition of 20/20. The two-hour special, Bruce Jenner – The Interview, airs on the ABC Television Network at 9 PM ET,” the network announced. The May sweep begins this year on April 23. The interview with Sawyer will be the first discussion of Jenner’s transition by a major news outfit.

DIANE SAWYERLast month, E! appeared to have hit the pause button on its planned Jenner reality series, in the wake of his recent car accident, but ABC News looked to be plowing ahead with its Sawyer interview with the Olympic star-turned-Kardashian patriarch. Plans for the ABC News special changed in light of the crash in which a woman was killed when Jenner’s vehicle catapulted hers into oncoming traffic on Pacific Coast Highway. Seven others were injured. ABC News is expected to cover that wreck in Malibu when Sawyer interviews Jenner.

Sawyer, reigning Queen of the Big Get, landed the interview despite Jenner being a home-grown star of NBCUniversal – parent of E! Entertainment, where Jenner is patriarch of that network’s biggest franchise, the Kardashians. Doubly embarrassing for NBCU: Jenner is an Olympic gold medalist, and NBC is the broadcast network of the Olympics.

Sawyer stepped down as anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight in September, saying she would concentrate on big specials and big interviews. Jenner’s first sit-down certainly checks all those boxes and then some.