TNT has passed on supernatural drama pilot Breed. The project, written by John Scott Shepherd and directed by Scott Winant, followed a series of brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the mysterious race of creatures that might be committing them.

Breed was one of 3 pilots ordered by TNT just before Kevin Reilly took over the network and a new programming chief. None have been picked to series yet. One of them, the The Florida drug trade drama, will undergo redevelopment. There has been no word yet on the third, fantasy saga Lumen. 

Lumen and Breed were part of the push by the previous TNT regime into popcorn action-adventure/genre fare in the mold of dramas hits Falling Skies, The Last Ship and The Librarians. Word has been that Reilly may be pursuing darker, edgier shows, putting the fate of the TNT’s existing pilots in limbo despite the network’s recent success with The Last Ship and The Librarians. (TNT also has DC superhero show Titans in the works. It has not gone to production yet.)