Is Arrested Development returning for another season? If series co-creator and co-executive producer Brian Grazer is to be believed, the answer is a firm yes. Appearing on Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report Podcast, (recorded during South By Southwest but only released today), Grazer claimed that the series is going to return with all new episodes, and rather soon. “We’re going to do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned for more Arrested Development,” Grazer says around the 24:36 mark.

In the two years since the once-cancelled series defied the odds and all expectations by being resurrected by Netflix, we’ve heard everything from rumors to statements of intent from key personnel that the series will eventually pick up from where the fourth season cliffhanger left off. Given the streaming service’s success as a producer of original television, it would be logical to assume involvement with Arrested Development‘s next season. However, Netflix wasn’t mentioned during the interview, and it has not commented on Grazer’s claim. 20th Century Fox also declined to confirm Grazer’s statement, other than to confirm all parties involved are interested in seeing the series return.