The deaf driver who hit and seriously injured a 64-year-old woman during Comic-Con in San Diego last July pled not guilty this week to one count of reckless driving with injury and one count of personal infliction of great bodily injury. A preliminary hearing will take place on May 28, according to the San Diego District Attorney’s office. Matthew Pocci, 47, faces three years in prison if found guilty.

ZombieWalk 2013 imageThe accident happened at the end of the ZombieWalk in Comic-Con last July. Pocci was driving with two other deaf adults and his child in the back when they came upon a crowded intersection. After waiting awhile to get through the intersection, Pocci began honking the horn and tried to edge his way through the crowd with his vehicle.

After he began inching forward, video shows that one member of the crowd jumped on his hood, others pounded the car, and it appeared in the video that Deadline posted at the time that one man opened the back door of the car where his child sat. Police said that the car’s windshield was shattered.

After those in the car became frightened, Pocci bolted through the intersection, seriously injuring the woman walking in front of the car. After the incident he stopped and spoke to police who then let him go. He was not charged until later.