EXCLUSIVE: FilmBuff has licensed North American rights to The Strongest Man, writer-director Kenny Riches’ film that premiered at Sundance in January. It centers on Beef (Robert Lorie), an anxiety-ridden Cuban-American construction worker in Miami who is the self-proclaimed world’s strongest man. He and his Korean-American friend Conan (Paul Chamberlain) go on an Odyssey-like quest to find their respective spirit animals and recover Beef’s stolen BMX bike. Conan’s relationship with his family crumbles as Beef’s relationship with his neighbor Illi (Ashly Birch) begins to flourish. Lisa Banes and Patrick Fugit co-star.

FilmBuff will open the XYZ Films pic in select U.S. theaters nationwide, and it will be available on all major VOD platforms in the summer. The Strongest Man was produced by Riches, Jesse Brown and Anthony Pedone; Stephanie Ansin, Spencer Stewart and Robert Hewitt Jr. are the exec producers. The deal was negotiated by Sam Scupp of FilmBuff and Nate Bolotin of XYZ Films on behalf of the filmmaker.