This amusing black-and-white trailer dropped over the weekend for Shooting Clerks, which tells the tale of an underemployed college drop-out working in a convenience store in New Jersey, selling beef jerky and Slurpee equivalents to his more successful former classmates.

Shooting Clerks title card Kevin SmithAdd facial hair, a trench coat, a hockey jersey, a video camera and a few other ingredients, however, and you have … director Kevin Smith. The film tells the story of how Smith and a rag-tag group of Jersey pals created the breakthrough indie movie that made Smith’s filmmaker name. Shooting Clerks is now scheduled for a September debut around the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film includes a number of people from the original movie, including Smith and sidekick Jason Mewes, as well as Brian O’Halloran, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Scott Mosier, Walter Flanagan, Ming Chen, Mike Zapcic, Scott Schiaffo and Ernest O’Donnell.

Smith will provide narration for the film, and play a small part as a newpaper reporter. He’s also working on Comes the Krampus, a holiday horror film, and Clerks 3, the long-touted but not-yet-made second sequel of his original film.

Christopher Downie wrote the screenplay and directs, among a number of other credited roles. Producers are Brett Murray and Felix Kay for production companies Auld Reekie Media, For the Love Of SMod and The SMod Squad. Downie and Murray are British and have produced a string of shorts for Smith’s SMod YouTube channel among other projects.