Guys keep discovering Sex BoxWE tv couldn’t be happier.

As we reported earlier, some of the reality series premiere’s biggest timeslot ratings increases were caused by guys coming to check it out, compared to the male audience for previous timeslot occupant, wedding-planner reality series David Tutera’s CELEBrations.

Because guys are more interested in sex than marriage or something – we’ll get back to you on that.

Anyway, since we last spoke, guys kept the surge going as they checked out the first episode, up to three days after its launch. Among men of all ages, the Live + 3 audience (210,000) shot up 119% compared to the slot’s average the prior four weeks. With men 25-54 (114,000) the slot saw a 93% pop.

That’s good news for WE tv which announced last June it was re-branding itself so as to move from branding exclusively to women with the whole  Women’s Entertainment thing, to the collective “We.”

More women came too.

Adding in the delayed viewing, the Sex Box crowd climbed 39% among women 18-49 compared to same day viewing, and 36% with women 25-54.

Overall the show’s unveiling audience grew from an initial 378,000 for live plus same day viewing, to 490,000. Sex Box also has brought the two sex much closer together — and isn’t that what sex in a box should be all about? With some of the delayed viewing accounted for –  Live +7 stats won’t be out for a couple weeks – the gap between women and guys in the 25-54 demo, for instance, is just 84,000. Prior four weeks, the spread between the sexes in this demo was 169,000 viewers.

“We are pleased by the initial response to ‘Sex Box,’ a show that significantly grew viewership in its Friday night timeslot and also brought male viewers to WE tv, which was a key element of our recent rebrand and remains a strong strategic focus for the network, WE tv president Marc Juris told Deadline. “This show is bold and provocative and we are looking forward to a season filled with repairing relationships through frank discussions, expert advice and more sex in a box.”

In August, WE tv announced it had picked up the project to series with nine episodes. It’s based on the British reality series about couples whose relationships are on the skids. Participants are selected based on their belief that the best way to heal a broken relationship is to have sex on a stage in a box, while viewers mull what they’re missing because the box is opaque and, unlike your apartment building, soundproof. Parents TV Council isn’t happy about this show and is urging advertisers to stay away.

Each week, a new troubled couple has sex in the box, after which they emerge and chat about it, and their relationship, with celebrity experts.

This Friday, the pros will mull a young couple in a sexless marriage, another couple that has fallen into infidelity, the use of pornography “and other reckless behaviors,” says WE, and a lesbian couple married at the 2014 Grammy Awards and whose marriage may be kaput.