The mother of Sarah Jones, the 27-year-old camera assistant killed on the set of Midnight Rider last year, has penned a scathing open letter to industry trade mag The Hollywood Reporter ripping it for posting autopsy details after the involuntary manslaughter trial that just ended in Georgia. She joins a chorus of Jones’ co-workers and friends who have condemned the decision to publish the story. Here is the letter in full:

March 12, 2015


To The Hollywood Reporter:

I am totally stunned, I am totally appalled, and I am ashamed of the callous reporter who leaked the autopsy report of our daughter for the world to see. Although the grace and beauty of Sarah Elizabeth Jones outshines the deprecating words on a page, no one, NO ONE, should be so low as to think this gruesome report is newsworthy.

To the reporter, where is your own honor? Is your desire to climb the rungs of a career ladder so important that you infringe upon the privacy and civility of a family whose daughter was tragically hit by a train? Is our pain of losing a daughter not enough that you feel the need to exploit Sarah’s dignity?

Shame on the tabloid that published the article, that it should be so crude and selfish for readership numbers? Does that not put you in the same category of selfishness as the movie producers who thought it was ok to steal a shot?

Look at the lives of those you have harmed by publishing detail by detail, Sarah’s autopsy report. Do you not realize the pain and sadness of the Jones family? Do you not have an inkling of decency? Did the thought even occur to you that perhaps Sarah’s family did not choose to remember her by the poignant description of her remains?

It is my hope for you that you will discover one goes much further and higher with greater respect and honor than sensationalism that is harmful to not only the one you are reporting on, but the surrounding community as well.

It is my hope for you that you will find a place in the world of journalism that will not allow such indecency be a motivating facet of readership.

It is my hope that the ones who are offended by this report will speak out and let The Hollywood Reporter know their thoughts.

Elizabeth McCartha Jones

Sarah’s Mother