OK, you had to wait a couple of minutes for the slap-happy payoff, but it eventually hit hard. Saturday Night Live‘s team had a solid team effort in this riff on a Bloomberg News TV panel trying to explain the extremely important but extremely eye-glazing topic of net neutrality. Except, according to SNLthe real reason for all the heat on net neutrality isn’t about getting to watch House of Cards at a reasonable quality level. It’s about that other stuff the Internet brings to your computers at very high quality.

Host Dakota Johnson proved herself game to play along as Web nerd Samantha Shepherd, along with moderator Sasheer Zamata and panelists Pete Davidson, Bobby Moynihan and the always adorable (in a live-grenade sort of way) Leslie Jones.

What did you think of the sketch? Did it make you want to run out and campaign for equal treatment for Internet providers? Or did you glaze over?