The brief video recorded and shown above was taken in the chaotic seconds before a CSX train plowed through a set for the film Midnight Riderkilling crew member Sarah Jones. It was shown during today’s hearing on the plea bargain of first assistant director Hillary Schwartz, who agreed to 10 years of probation in exchange for her guilty plea.

The crashing sound is of the train hitting the hospital gurney, sending shrapnel flying and contributing to Jones’ death. A number of other crew members were injured, some seriously enough to require hospitalization.

The proceedings in a circuit courtroom in Jesup, GA, wrapped up criminal proceedings around Jones’ death. On Monday, director Randall Miller plead out to two years in Wayne County Jail among other punishments, while producer Jay Sedrish was given 10 years of probation. Both also were fined and banned from working as directors or assistant directors or overseeing set safety for a decade. Charges against Miller’s wife, producer Jody Savin, were dismissed as part of the overall deal. Civil cases surrounding Jones’ death still haven’t been resolved.

The video was captured for Deadline by Patricia Leon.