Larry David’s final performance in his play will be on June 7, which is when the freshman playwriting effort was slated to shutter. Instead, the run has been extended six weeks, with his Seinfeld alter ego Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza) stepping into the role of Norman Drexel. Scott Rudin is the lead producer.

“I left Broadway 25 years ago because Larry David co-created the show that would change my life and career,” Alexander is purported to have said, according to a press release. “It is totally amazing that he also created the show that would bring me back to Broadway. I am thrilled I get to do this hilarious play for him and with this wonderful cast. It is quite simply more fun than any bald man should have.”

Alexander won a Tony award in 1989 for Jerome Robbins’ Broadway. His last appearance on Broadway was in Rupert Holmes’ Accomplice, in 1990. It did not go well.