The Federal Emergency Management Agency got slammed on Twitter for SPOILING a plot point on the new season of Netflix’s House Of CardsDon’t keep reading if you don’t want to know.

In the third season,  Francis Underwood, now POTUS, announced a new jobs program, America Works, which he promised would mean 100% employment. It’s stalled in Congress. Underwood comes up with a work-around, declaring an unemployment state of emergency. The mayor of Washington  D.C. bites, and FEMA dollars are deployed.

It’s a very Hollywood interpretation of the Stafford Act, allowing POTUS to declare emergencies and deploy funds. FEMA, being the boys in charge of all that, agency tweeted its thoughts on Underwood’s rannygazoo:

Response was mixed. There were those who felt FEMA had done the country a service: “I was so frustrated at how  #HouseofCards got the Stafford Act so wrong…they need better consultants.”

….and those who thought FEMA should spend its time more productively: “govt agency responding to fictional TV show – ridiculous.”

But enough people dinged FEMA for spoiling the plot point, the agency responded:

“Ha – tried not to give anything away. May need to consider posting a preemptive ‘spoiler alert’ tweet next time.”