Move over, E.T.: There’s a new lovable alien on Earth and ironically he’s in a movie called HomeThis new DreamWorks Animation confection is the company’s only planned release this year, and as I say in my video review above it is out-of-this-world fun for the whole family.

Deadline Review Badge Pete HammondThe movie skews very, very young, but adults should be happy to go along for the ride on this road trip, though, because of the zippy dialogue in Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember’s screenplay and a fine voice cast led by Jim Parsons as Oh, that lovable alien I talked about. Oh is basically on the lam from his own kind, the Boovs, a society of aliens who take over Earth in their own determined, unique ways. He wants to make friends though and finds one in human kindred spirit Tip, voiced by Rihanna. Her mother (voiced by Jennifer Lopez) has, like most other humans, been relocated and Tip is left to fend for herself.  She teams with Oh for a wild road-trippy movie that’s about as peppy and frenetic a ‘toon in a long while. That’s why it will keep kids with short attention spans tuned in all the way.

Tim Johnson is the director of the pic, based on the book The True Meaning Of Smekday. The film was produced by Suzanne Buirgy, Mireille Soria and Christopher Jenkins. 20th Century Fox releases it wide today.

Do you plan to see Home? Let us know what you think.