Fox News Channel viewers rushed to Hillary Clinton Trial By News Conference yesterday. When Clinton held her news conference to explain her use of personal email while Secretary of State, yesterday from 3-4 PM,  FNC’s audience shot up 75% — 2.005 million tuned in compared to 1.145 million same time last year.

Even bigger story in the news demo — a 91% spike to 343,000 viewers, compared to 180,000 same time last year.

FNC, not surprisingly, clocked more viewers in both metrics than CNN and MSNBC combined. An average of 765,000 viewers watched on CNN — 3% better than 741,000 at same time last year, and 194,000 of them news demo viewers, which is an uptick of 4% compared to last year’s 186,000.

An average of 405,000 viewers watched via MSNBC, which is 5% better than last year’s 386,000; 38K were news demo viewers, which is down a whopping 69% compared to last year’s 121,000 viewers in the demo.