Disney XD has given a pilot green light to MTX!, a live-action adventure comedy pilot starring up-and-comer Nathaniel Potvin. Potvin is a home-grown talent — he has done guest shots on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World and Jessie while the Disney casting executives have been looking to find a starring vehicle for him. This is a long-time Disney strategy, with Disney XD recently giving a straight-to-series order to comedy Gamer’s Guide To Everything, toplined by Jessie co-star Cameron Boyce.

 MTX! centers on Ryan (Potvin), a 14-year-old boy with the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind – technopathy. After his secret power is revealed, he quickly learns that monsters have just been sent to destroy the city by an evil corporation. With danger looming, the only thing that can protect the citizens of Bay City is MTX, a 120-foot robot that only Ryan has the ability to control. First, Ryan must assemble a team that, together, has the skills needed to activate the complicated inner-workings of MTX. Co-starring in the pilot are Raymond Cham, Jr. (Teen Beach 2) as Ryan’s older brother Mark, and Kamran Allahverdy and Robbie Tucker, as Ryan’s two friends Harris and Spyder, respectively. MTX! is written and executive produced by Steve Marmel (Sonny with a Chance), and directed by Zach Lipovsky (Dead Rising). Filming is under way in consideration for a series pickup. Potvin is with Abrams Artists.