UPDATE 2 PM: Almost all 8 PM shows, hit by the kickoff of daylight saving time, got a lift in the finals. NBC’s The Voice (3.8) went up .2, while CBS’ NCIS (2.2) and ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat (1.6) ticked up a tenth. Also inching up a tenth were ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and CBS’ Person of Interest (1.5)

PREVIOUS AM: On his Sunday show, John Oliver asked “Daylight Saving Time – How Is This Still A Thing?” making a case that the annual ritual of moving clocks forward and back should be abolished. (Arizona doesn’t observe it, Texas and Oregon are considering joining in.)

The broadcast networks would certainly welcome an end of daylight saving time, which brings weeks of misery every spring as people adjust their viewing habits along with their biological clocks, and HUT levels in the 8 PM hour drop. The week-to-week HUT decline was -5% in adults 18-49 last night. The percentage ratings drops were bigger, in part because of rounding. For CBS’ 8-10 PM NCIS block, the hit was even bigger as the two dramas faced NBC’s The Voice with originals for the first time in 2015. Top 8 PM draws like The Voice and NCIS are expected to rebound in DVR viewing.

For now, here is the somewhat depressing list on last night’s fast national declines:

NCIS: 2.1, down -9% from its most recent original
NCIS: New Orleans: 1.6, down -16%
Person Of Interest: 1.4, down -18%

Hell’s Kitchen: 1.3, down -7% from last week
New Girl (R): 0.7
The Mindy Project: 0.9, down -10%

The Mindy Project was down despite a hyped guest appearance by Stephen Colbert. Should CBS be worried about his appeal beyond his persona on The Colbert Report?

Fresh Off The Boat: 1.5, down -12% from last week
Repeat After Me: 1.1, down -8%
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: (1.4, down -13%)
Forever (R): 0.8

The Voice: 3.6, down -12% from last week
Chicago Fire: 2.1, down -5% from its fast national last week

The CW stayed away from the daytime saving doldrums with all repeats.