This is the third trailer to drop for Disney/Marvel’s mega tentpole Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the second pic after the original’s $1.52 billion (with a B) haul in 2012, the third-biggest total of all time. This one, of course, introduces the mighty Ultron to the party, and today’s trailer reveals better than previous ones that James Spader’s voice fits the ominous tones perfectly. Judging by the footage here, there’s no reason to think Ultron won’t get close to what the first pic did once it finally opens May 1.

This is the first trailer to drop, though, since Marvel recruited Spider-Man back into the Avengers fold. Spidey can join the team now that Sony Pictures, that franchise’s owner, and Disney made a deal to cross-pollinate Sony’s most lucrative franchise ever ($4B-plus in worldwide gross from five movies) with Disney’s Marvel Universe players. The Avengers certainly could use Spider-Man against Ultron — but it sounds like they won’t get him really until he likely shows up in Captain America: Civil War, which is due out March 6, 2016. That will set up the next two Avengers pics: Infinity War Part I in May 2018 and Infinity War Part II in May 2019.

Check out the latest trailer above and chime in: Would this movie be better if the Sony-Disney deal went down in time to swing in the web-slinger?