We’re live-blogging the Apple event this morning, including the day’s biggest announcement (at least as far as Hollywood is concerned): the launch of HBO Now, a stand-alone service for $14.99 a month that won’t require a subscription from a Pay-TV provider. The service will debut in April on Apple TV, which has 25 million users, and on Apple’s App Store. Read more about that here.

Separately, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues rolled out sleek new MacBooks weighing just 2 lbs.; dove deep on the previously announced array of Apple Watches (to be available for pre-order on April 10, at prices from $349 to $10,000); and talked about new apps and functions such as a developer set of tools to make it easier for health researchers to do their work. Read all about it in the now-archived blog below:

David Bloom March 9, 20159:04 am

Welcome, everybody. I’ll be doing play-by-play today and will be joined by my Deadline colleague on Wall Street, David Lieberman, in a bit. Are you looking forward to the Apple Watch? Think it’s something you might actually wear? Or just interested in what the World’s Most Valuable Company is up to with this new product launch? Let us know in comments or on Twitter @Deadline.

David Bloom March 9, 20159:10 am

Below is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where the event will take place. 

David Bloom March 9, 20159:23 am

That time change will get you every time, Eddy. Spring forward, fall back. Hope the watches can accommodate….

David Bloom March 9, 20159:25 am

Tim Cook, that card, sleeps in…

David Bloom March 9, 20159:35 am

If you’re a news junkie, and we certainly are here at Deadline, the Nieman Lab for Journalism has just published a study musing about what impacts the Apple Watch and other wrist-based devices will have on how we create, distribute and consume news. 

Here’s a link to the report: 
David Bloom March 9, 20159:39 am

One interesting thing to note in the run-up to today’s event is how Apple, which just had the biggest quarter in the history of capitalism, is trying to retool a significant part of itself with the Watch initiative. Watches are a fashion and style statement, and users demand something that’s more personal and personalized than a cell phone that can be draped with an external case and tucked in a pocket or purse most of the time. 

David Bloom March 9, 20159:41 am

Phil Schiller, who oversees marketing for Apple, posted this (YBC is Yerba Buena Center): 

David Bloom March 9, 20159:43 am

Apple reportedly is retooling its stores to better display and allow people to try on the Apple Watches. That means training, less raucous areas for that considered purchase and goodness knows what for the high-end models that will be trying to compete with Rolex and Patek Philippe

David Bloom March 9, 20159:46 am

They’ve also hired executives from luxury brands Burberry (to run the hugely popular Apple Stores) and Yves St. Laurent. That’s a pair of execs with experience a long way from engineering schools and Silicon Valley. 

David Bloom March 9, 20159:51 am

As always, The Onion has a definitive, if not quite serious, take:

David Bloom March 9, 20159:52 am

David Bloom March 9, 20159:55 am

And just before the event, Google has dropped an ad (on YouTube, naturally) for its competing Android wearables: 

David Bloom March 9, 20159:57 am

And here’s a shot from inside the Yerba Buena Center ahead of the event’s start

David Bloom March 9, 201510:02 am

And Apple is flashing “It’s Go Time for Tim Cook.”

David Bloom March 9, 201510:06 am

Cook talking about the retail stores, 21 in China and big plans for further growth.

453 stores worldwide. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:07 am

Apple’s website now has a “Watch” section on it: 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:08 am

Now they’ve shifted to their “hobby,” the Apple TV

David Bloom March 9, 201510:09 am

This is big, Apple TV gets HBO Now, on Apple TV without a cable or satellite provider’s subscription

David Bloom March 9, 201510:09 am

Looks like the “hobby” has grown up a bit. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:09 am

Putting HBO NOW on the Apple TV and in the App Store exclusively

David Bloom March 9, 201510:10 am

$14.99 a month, first month free if you sign up through Apple TV, iPad or iPhone

David Bloom March 9, 201510:10 am

Available, beginning in April, in the United States. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:11 am

HBO CEO Richard Plepler now on stage, talking about HBO Now.

David Bloom March 9, 201510:13 am

Apple TV is already used by 25 million people. Price is now $69, down a third from $99 price in the past. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:14 am

Now they’re shifting to iPhone, with 700 million sold so far.

David Bloom March 9, 201510:15 am

He’s touting the Apple Pay service that launched in the fall on their newest smartphones. Google has had Wallet, but Samsung just announced it’ll roll out its own version.

David Bloom March 9, 201510:15 am

Cook says nearly 700,000 locations are accepting Apple Pay now. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:17 am

He’s covering a lot of ground today, moving now to Car Play, their auto automation service, and HomeKit, also announced last fall, for the Internet of Things.

David Bloom March 9, 201510:18 am

The HealthKit services have been the plumbing behind more than 900 health-related apps, something we can expect will be a big deal on the watches. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:19 am

David Bloom March 9, 201510:19 am

That’s the Apple slide for latest health apps. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:20 am

Now Cook is talking more health-related apps and the challenges researchers face in understanding people’s subjective feelings of pain and health. They also have a challenge getting a complete information loop, with health data not only going from patient to researcher, but back to patient who can then do a better job taking care of themselves. 

Now they’re announcing ResearchKit, to let researchers easily create apps that work with the iPhone and HealthKit

David Bloom March 9, 201510:21 am

A bunch of big medical research centers, including Stanford, MIT, Oford, Penn and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, have been using the apps for their projects. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:22 am

They’re showing an app called mPower that makes it easy for people to sign up for studies. Parkinson’s patients can record their symptoms simply by speaking “ahhhh” into the phone…

David Bloom March 9, 201510:28 am

Lots more talk about the ResearchKit and health issues. Clearly, the watch will play into this, with sensors and connections to the iPhone, among much else. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:30 am

First five ResearchKit apps available today on App Store

David Bloom March 9, 201510:31 am

Cook switches to the Mac. Talk about throwback, though they continue to outgrow industry in sales even as PC sales droop. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:32 am

We challenged ourselves to reinvent the notebook and we did it” Tim Cook

David Bloom March 9, 201510:34 am

Short video shows of a superskinny new Mac. Cook brings out Phil Schiller

David Bloom March 9, 201510:35 am

2 lbs., 13 millimeters thick, 24 percent thinner than last 11-inch MacBook

David Bloom March 9, 201510:35 am

David Bloom March 9, 201510:38 am

New mace has a 12-inch Retina display, with LED light under keys, and a new pixel technology that consumes less energy. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:39 am

New “Force Trackpad” that’s adjustable, pressure sensitive. Will allow new gestures 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:40 am

Do a firm “force click” and automatically get a Wikipedia article in some situations, a calendar or map in others. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:41 am

Can even use the force click to fast forward through video

David Bloom March 9, 201510:41 am

First fanless MacBook ever, so much quieter. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:42 am

Miniaturized logic board by 67 percent….

David Bloom March 9, 201510:42 am

Filling all remaining space with batteries. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:44 am

Up to 9 hours of web browsing, Phil Schiller says. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:45 am

They’ve now created one connector to rule them all: power, video and more, under a new technology called USB-C. Yes, that means you’re going to need more new cables. Ugh, but the tech is crazy cool 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:46 am

And yes, I WAS thinking about getting a new Mac….

David Bloom March 9, 201510:46 am

Available in multiple colors: Silver, Space Grey and Gold

David Bloom March 9, 201510:50 am

They’re now showing a video of the new MacBook touting the various tech involved, including tactile feedback….Great for games, I’m thinking, but haptic feedback is great for a lot of stuff, bringing in another channel of information. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:51 am

Here’s an image from the video, showing the tactile feedback coils that vibrate: 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:52 am

Looks like they’re going to need some new adapters, because these are going to be very attractive: 
256GB solid state drive, 8 GB of RAM, 1.1Ghz Intel Core M Processor for $1299. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:53 am

It will ship on April 10. Meanwhile, Macbook Airs, MacBook Pros are getting updates of tech, and are available today. 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:54 am

Cook moves tot he Apple Watch: “the most personal device we’ve ever offered”

David Bloom March 9, 201510:55 am

Using stainless steel, anodized aluminum, 18K gold…

David Bloom March 9, 201510:55 am

David Bloom March 9, 201510:57 am

Lots of varieties in the face, old-school to lots of info and detail to background images that are “just fun” 

David Bloom March 9, 201510:57 am

Watch includes “Glances,” bits of info like weather, calendar, music controls, your heart rate…

David Bloom March 9, 201510:58 am

“Apple Watch brings a whole new dimension to timekeeping that’s never been done before.” Google may protest on that, but it’s Cook’s party…

David Bloom March 9, 201510:58 am

Can receive calls on the watch: 

“I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 5 years old. The day is finally here”

David Bloom March 9, 201510:58 am

Also can check and process emails. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:00 am

Can bring up your friends, and connect Watch to Watch through “Digital Touch,” so can send animation as you drew it. “You can even send your heart beat.”

David Bloom March 9, 201511:01 am

Now getting to the health apps. It even reminds you if you’ve been sitting too long: 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:05 am

Bringing out video featuring model and maternal-health activist Christy Turlington Burns, who tested the watch. Ran a half marathon in Africa using it “In the short time I’ve been wearing it, I can see how it’s going to be an important part of my life”:

David Bloom March 9, 201511:06 am

David Bloom March 9, 201511:09 am

Can use Apple Watch to look at photos, use Apple Pay, use Siri to talk to it, can get notifications on it as on phone, like sports scores, 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:09 am

Can connect to social media, and importantly, the day’s news. Yes, we’re going to be figuring out how to get Deadline on your wrist…..

David Bloom March 9, 201511:10 am

Talking about WatchKit app-development tools. Brings out Kevin Lynch to demo. I don’t know who he is

David Bloom March 9, 201511:12 am

Can use Siri to leave reminders tied to location and time on your watch: “Don’t forget umbrella when I get home”

David Bloom March 9, 201511:12 am

Watch has stickers, as have been hugely popular in a lot of mobile apps, and will no doubt inspire lots of kids and adults to send goofy icons along with messages. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:14 am

Showing how the Watch can be used to pay directly with credit cards. Beeps and vibrates when transaction completed. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:14 am

Can look at Instagram app’s feed from friends. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:15 am

How this affects social media will be interesting to watch, making apps such as Facebook and Instagram more integrated with every minute of people’s lives than ever. Lots of implications….

David Bloom March 9, 201511:16 am

Uses WiFi as well as Bluetooth to stay paired with your iPhone, allowing you to pull down info, email, etc. Can also use it for Uber car services, etc. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:18 am

A bar code in the airline ticketing app can be used to get through airport security

David Bloom March 9, 201511:19 am

Can use the watch as a Hotel room key, no need to go to front desk when checking in

David Bloom March 9, 201511:21 am

Can dictate messages, then send them either as audio or text. Can also use it as a remote control on locks, cameras and other functions for smart houses. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:22 am

“You’re going to be surprised at all the things developers are going to do here, when you unleash that community,” Tim Cook, who comes ack on stage. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:22 am

Will have a separate section of the App Store for Watch apps. 
iOS 8.2 available today for download. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:23 am

Designed the watch with all-day battery life. This will be a big issue for the watches, Cook says they’re good for 18 hours for most people. Recharge says if hold magnetic charger near back of watch, it will click into place. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:25 am

Sport line of watches cheapest versions with anodized aluminum or steel, and several kinds of bands. New aluminum alloy with magnesium and zinc is 60 percent stronger than usual aluminum, but same light weight 


David Bloom March 9, 201511:27 am

Sport line starts at $349, and $399 for bigger version.

David Bloom March 9, 201511:29 am

After short video on their new aluminum alloy, now they’re doing one on their new steel alloy. Who knew metallurgy manufacturing would be such a big deal in a tech briefing? 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:32 am

The Apple Watch Edition is the high-end variant comes with solid gold bands, etc. $10,000 and up in pricing, available in select stores in limited quantities. They’re available for pre-order/preview beginning April 10. Will have custom table displaying the watches, try them on, so forth. Not all countries will initially have access to the watches, but China among those getting it. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:33 am

Cook now playing a new Apple Watch ad with a rather martial drum beat behind it as it flashes different watch faces and capabilities. 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:35 am

Cook says HBO Now deal is “just the beginning” as they push forward with programming on the Apple TV. He shows off the company’s product line. “All of our energy is on products that enrich people’s lives” 

David Bloom March 9, 201511:37 am

And it’s a wrap. HBO Now is the biggest deal for Hollywood, but have to expect the Watch, as a way for news, social media and entertainment to be ever more closely connected to us, and in tune with how we are doing/where we are doing it, will prove to be very interesting too.