Always tricky to come on a morning infotainment program to plug the new season of your home renovation series when you’ve recently been arrested for allegedly burglarizing the home next door. Vanilla Ice and Lara Spencer had a go at it this morning.

Ice, aka Robert van Winkle, told Spencer he’s in the process of buying the in-foreclosure home, situated next to one he was renovating for his DIY renovation show The Vanilla Ice Project.

“I”m dealing with it,” he told Spencer under questioning, adding that the arrest has “been blown out of proportion” and that he cannot elaborate. “We respect that,” Spencer concluded.

Then they turned to plugging the fifth season of his show, by sharing “DIY Tricks.”

Two weeks ago, Van Winkle was arrested in connection with a home burglary adjacent to a Florida property he was renovating. According to a release from the Lantana Police Department, some furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and other personal items were reported stolen from a vacant home in an unincorporated part of Palm Beach County. During an investigation, police found some of the items at the property being overseen by Van Winkle, who has headlined DIY’s The Vanilla Ice Project since 2009. He was taken into custody and charged with burglary and grand theft.