EXCLUSIVE: In the latest of an avalanche of filmmaker signings out of the Sundance Film Festival, Anouk Whissell, François Simard and Yoann-Karl Whissell have signed with Verve. The Canadian trio wrote and directed Turbo Kid. They also are known as RKSS (Road Kill Super Stars), which might mean it best to call Uber when they take those inevitable meetings in Hollywood.

The three wrote and helmed a postapocalyptic film that played in the Midnight Section and might best be described as Mad Max with teens. There are blood-spattered, cartoon-violent scenes with ’80s pop culture and movie homages as a group of friends try to get the best of a sadistic emperor who controls a water supply that has been destroyed by acid rain.

I’m told the signing was competitive and that the trio is writing a female revenge thriller that was commissioned through a grant from Telefilm Canada. They also are planning a Turbo Kid sequel. Whissell, Simard and Whissell are in discussions with a small group of distributors and are taking the film to Berlin this week.

Watch the teaser trailer above.