Unlike the football game, this one was no contest. As expected, Budweiser’s heart-rendering Lost Dog ad showing its Clydesdale horses rescuing their lost puppy pal was the top-rated commercial of the game according to the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter and Hulu’s Toyota AdZone. It also ranked as the most watched and re-watched ad by TiVo users. This is the second consecutive year that Budweiser topped the ad rankings.

But there’s no consensus about the runners up in a field where humorous spots vied with what appeared to be an unusually large number of somber and serious messages. After Lost Dog with an 8.1 score out of 10 in the panel of 6,703 , USA Today’s list includes Like A Girl (Always, 7.1), Blue Pill (Fiat, 6.9), Braylon (Microsoft, 6.7), Middle Seat (Doritos, 6.7), Wisdom (Dodge, 6.6), My Bold Dad (Toyota, 6.6), Make It Happy (Coca-Cola, 6.5), With Dad (Nissan, 6.5), and  Pay With Lovin’ (McDonald’s, 6.5).

Hollywood studio ads fared less well. Universal led the pack with Jurassic World (No. 25, 5.6) followed by the studio’s Minions (No. 28, 5.5), Furious 7 (No. 38, 5.1), Pitch Perfect 2 (No. 40, 5.1), Ted 2 (No. 42, 5.0), Disney’s Tomorrowland (No. 45, 4.8), Paramount’s Terminator Genisys (No. 52, 4.6), and Universal’s Fifty Shades Of Grey (No. 56, 4.0).

Hulu’s four runners up to Budweiser are The Brady Bunch (Snickers), Revenge with Liam Neeson (Clash of the Clans), Pill (Fiat), and My Bold Dad (Toyota).

And for TiVo, the nine runners up are 911 Delivery (Joyful Heart Foundation), Middle Seat (Doritos), Invisible Mindy Kaling (Nationwide Insurance), Revenge (Clash of the Clans), Blue Pill (Fiat), The Brady Bunch (Snickers), First Draft Ever (Avocados From Mexico) #MakeItHappy (Coca-Cola), and With Dad (Nissan).

TiVo says that studios ran 10 movie ads this year, more than the past two years combined. Its rankings are led by Fox’s Kingman: The Secret Service, Nickelodeon Films’ The SpongeBob Movie, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Minions, Terminator Genisys, Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2, Ted 2, and 50 Shades Of Grey.