The inside track about the 10-episode limited series Secret & Lies is that you’ve seen it all before. As I say in my video review above, this Ryan Phillippe- and Juliette Lewis-led series about a suburbanite married father of two suspected of killing a young boy is nothing more than a collection of clichés.

Based on the Australian series, ABC’s Secret & Lies — from Kapital Entertainment, ABC Studios and Down Under’s Hoodlum Entertainment — has its two-hour premiere on March 1. Natalie Martinez also stars in the show, KaDee Strickland plays Phillippe’s wife, and Dan Fogler is his party buddy from high school. With all that, the twists in this version feel and sound like plot ideas that didn’t pass muster in the Desperate Housewives writers room.

Take a look at my review, tell us what you think. Will you be watching Secrets & Lies?