UPDATE, 12:20 PM: Hollywood guilds and unions have joined the call to observe a minute of silence February 20 to honor Sarah Jones. The safety awareness campaign was launched by the IATSE Cinematographers Guild Local 600 and Studio Mechanics Local 479 in Georgia, which are working with Jones’ parents and social media sites to highlight safety on the set.

The program, called “Spirit of Sarah,” is also asking film and TV crews to photograph safety messages on their slates that day and to post them. Jones was killed on Midnight Rider’s first day of filming, and Spirit Of Sarah organizers have given a name to the first shot of the day: It’s now being called “the Jonesy.”

“We are very pleased to support the outpouring of concern over safety, regardless of where it originates, as crews must feel safe on the set,” said Local 600 and Local 479 today in a joint statement. “These grassroots groups started in the region where Sarah Jones was working and are dedicated to the vision of Safety on Set that we, as a union, promote 24/7.”

Social media platforms taking part in the campaign include YouTube and Facebook pages We Are Sarah Jones, A Pledge to Sarah, PSA: Production Safety Awareness, Camera Guild (Local 600) and IATSE Local 479.

PREVIOUS, MONDAY AM: The parents of Sarah Jones are asking the industry to observe a moment of silence on February 20, the first anniversary of the death of their daughter, who was killed on that date last year while filming Midnight Rider on a train trestle in Georgia.

“We’re asking for solidarity from cast, crew, productions and major studios to join together with others from around the globe for a minute of silence,” Richard Jones said in a video released today.

“On the anniversary of Sarah’s death, February 20, let us take a moment to reflect and remember that no shot, no movie or television is more important than a person’s life,” said Elizabeth Jones. “Never again let this happen to another daughter, son, father, mother or friend.”

“Never forget what happened to Sarah Jones when safety was not at the forefront,” her father said.