Ricardo Baca became the nation’s first national newspaper marijuana editor when he got the job running the The Denver Post’s The Cannabist after pot officially became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014. The gig got him some airtime on The Colbert Report and The View, among other outlets.

Now comes Mitch Dickman’s Rolling Papers, which looks back over the first 12 months of Baca’s job spent inventing a way to cover a nascent industry for a major daily newspaper, a business model that happens to be struggling with how to reinvent itself. (Recent stories at The Cannabist, by the way, include that Zendaya-Fashion Police weed jab, Alaska’s vote to legalize and of course there’s a Recipes section).

Britta Erickson, Alison Greenberg Millice, Daniel Junge, Karl Kister and Katie Shapiro produced the pic, which is premiering March 15 in the Documentary Spotlight section at SXSW. CAA and Preferred Content are selling — selling the film that is.

Check out the exclusive clip.