The source show for Fox’s well-reviewed but ill-fated drama Red Band Society won the top award tonight at the International Emmy Kids Awards. Spain’s Polseres VermellesInternational-Emmy-Kids-Awards(The Red Band Society) was named best series during the ceremony at Pier 60 in New York. Fox’s version of the show about teenagers with life-threatening illnesses got off to a promising start when it debuted in September, following the massive success of The Fault In Our Stars. But ratings for the series starring Octavia Spencer headed south in ensuing weeks. Fox ordered four more scripts in late October, keeping Red Band Society in contention for a back order, but the network pulled the show a month later.

Other winners at tonight’s trophy show included the UK’s Mike The Knight, which airs stateside on Nick Jr. European shows dominated, but South America was represented by Chile’s Con Que Suenas? (What’s Your Dream?), which scored the hardware in the Kids: Factual category. Here is a complete list of winners at the third annual International Emmy Awards:

Kids: Series
Polseres Vermelles (The Red Band Society)
Televisió de Catalunya / Castelao Pictures (Spain)
Executive Producers: Susanna Jiménez, Conxa Orea, Sandra Fernández, Julio Fernández, Carlos Fernández, Pau Freixas, Albert Espinosa
Director: Pau Freixas
Writers: Albert Espinosa, Ivan Mercade, Pau Freixas

Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment
Wild Kids
Jarowskij Enterprises / SVT – Sveriges Television (Sweden)
Executive Producer: Lisa Andrae, Anna Hallberg
Producer: Magnus Larsson
Director: Magnus Larsson
Principal Cast: Rickard Olsson (Host)

Kids: Preschool
Mike the Knight
HIT Entertainment / Nelvana Limited (United Kingdom)
Executive Producers: Marion Edwards, Colin Bohm, Irene Weibel
Producers: Denise Green, Jane Sobol, Jamie Piekarz
Director: Charles E. Bastien
Writers: Marc Seal (Head Writer), Tom Stevenson, Laura Beaumont, Paul Larson
Principal Cast: Trek Buccino, Erin Pitt, Alyson Court, Martin Roach, Andrew Sabiston, Nissae Isen, Matteo Bragoli, Beth Chalmers, Teresa Gallagher, Bob Golding

Kids: Factual
Con Que Suenas? (What’s Your Dream?) Season 2
Mi Chica Producciones / CNTV / TVN (Chile)
Executive Producer: Paula Gomez Vera
Producer: Francisca Urrutia
Director: Paula Gomez Vera
Writers: Carla Higueras, Juan Andres Condon

Kids: Animation
The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue
TAT Productions / Master Films (France)
Executive Producer: Jean-François Tosti
Producer: Jean-François Tosti
Director: David Alaux
Writers: Jean-François Tosti, Eric Tosti, David Alaux, Julien Fournet

Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series
Alles mag (Anything Goes)
BIND / VPRO (Netherlands)
Producers: Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk
Director: Steven Wouterlood
Writers: Maarten van Voornveld, Chiel van der Wolf, Steven Wouterlood
Principal Cast: Lars Jennissen, Indy Aponno, Patrick Stoof, Ricky Koole, Rosa Reuten, Bert Hana