UPDATE: Jon’s Stewart’s coming departure from The Daily Show has upset FNC primetime star Bill O’Reilly, the cable news network has revealed in promos this morning, informing its viewers O’Reilly will discuss it tonight on his show – making it two nights in a row O’Reilly has waxed eloquent about his made-for-TV crosstalk partner.

Previous: “My pal Jon Stewart — hanging it up,” Bill O’Reilly said toward the end of his Fox News Channel show The O’Reilly Factor last night. (See video below)

FNC’s Martha MacCallum, who co-hosts America’s Newsroom, joined O’Reilly to be the sayer of negative things about Stewart, because O’Reilly wasn’t going to go there. Stewart’s ratings were higher during the last election cycle, she said, also noting Stewart’s film, Rosewater, only made about $3.12 million at the box office, compared with American Sniper’s $288 million and counting.

Bill O'Reilly“But nobody expected Rosewater…” O’Reilly began, but he never finished the thought, pronouncing it “a decent movie.” “I think that’s where Mr. Stewart wants to go – into the Hollywood arena,” he said, before registering his disbelief at the media’s reaction to Stewart’s announcement yesterday that he was leaving The Daily Show later this year. “Did you see the schmooze-arena on the press?” O’Reilly marveled. “Oh my god! Oh! Oh!”

MacCallum mentioned Stewart’s audience composition as being younger and liberal.

“He is the standard bearer on television for the liberal point of view,” O’Reilly explained. “And he’s funny. And they don’t have funny liberals. Comedy Central has some talent over there, but that’s it. There’s not a lot of yuks going on at MSNBC.”

O’Reilly continued: “But what people don’t know about Stewart’s demographics is, according to The Factor research, 72% of his audience did not understand English. So they don’t know what he’s saying, they just like his suits.”

In conclusion, O’Reilly said, “We wish Stewart well. I’ll track him down in a few weeks no matter where he is. We’re coming for you,” he warned. “But, the left – they’re losing a big thing.”

O’Reilly and Stewart have a relationship of sorts that’s one of the best crosstalk acts on talk-TV. When Stewart stopped by to plug Rosewater in November, O’Reilly warned his FNC viewers at the top of the show, “Jon Stewart entering the No Jon Stewart Bill O'ReillySpin Zone! Hide the children — pull the shades!” During that visit, O’Reilly made a crack about the Democrats having been slaughtered during that week’s midterm elections because Stewart’s callow, pot-smoking audience did not show up to vote. Stewart responded that all the GOP-ers in Congress got together at a Sizzler six years ago and agreed they would undercut anything Obama tries to do, even if it is to the detriment of the country. O’Reilly insisted any undocumented people in this country who watch The Daily Show be deported immediately and warned Stewart his fans were going to be off-put by the seriousness of his movie. Stewart said his fans all were going to be high and would not care. O’Reilly said the movie needs zombies to attract his target Comedy Central audience. “Nobody from your audience was available to do that,” Stewart shot back, telling O’Reilly he’d have to pay for a full-price ticket to the movie — “no senior discount.”

But the Stewart-exec-produced The Colbert Report routinely savaged O’Reilly — maybe most famously when Stephen Colbert called him a “f**king egomaniac” by way of demonstrating Comedy Central’s budget allowing for a censor with their finger on the button, and declared O’Reilly  his “ilk-mate.”