On his weekly HBO program Last Week Tonight, John Oliver has issued viewer calls to action that have irked the Kremlin and shut down the FCC’s web site. In this past Sunday’s season debut, he appears to have knotted the knickers of Ecuador’s president.

Last Sunday’s episode included a segment about Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who has taken to using a weekly TV address to citizens to attack people he feels have insulted him, ripping up newspapers that publish unflattering articles, giving out personal information on those who have dinged him on Twitter and Facebook.

“Stop googling yourself. You’re president of Ecuador,” Oliver suggested. “If you are this sensitive, then Twitter and Facebook might not be for you. And, to be honest, being a world leader might not be for you. Unless you can build up your tolerance for personal abuse.”

To that point, Oliver asked viewers to send abuse to Correa, via Twitter, “to help him get over his hypersensitivity.” It would appear they did so enthusiastically, given that Correa has gone after Oliver in a least five tweets since. In round numbers, in his tweets Correa has: wondered “do English comedians exist,” said that “on the subject of John Oliver: too much noise for such little nuts,” suggested “talk show gringos are more unfriendly than a diuretic,” and pronounced “English comedian” to be “an oxymoron.”

“In Latin America, we are proud to have citizens and not subjects,” Correa tweeted, warming to his theme. “They’re making someone famous who probably thinks the capital of Ecuador is Kuala Lampur. He does not deserve a second of time.”

And, in conclusion, Correa told his constituents, “A hug to everyone.”