EXCLUSIVE: With eyes and cameras all over the world focused on the Oscars this weekend, Eric Garcetti is set today to formally announce the next steps City Hall is going to take to curb runaway production and keep filming in Hollywood. As Deadline readers will know from my interview last week with Film Czar Ken Ziffren and his Deputy Rajiv Dalal, the Mayor’s Greenlight Hollywood initiative will see the Los Angeles Film Office going to all the studios, agencies and management companies in the coming weeks to pitch the new $330 million annual film and TV tax credits that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last September. The Film Office will be assisted in this campaign by volunteers from the upper echelons of the industry and labor.

KCON 2014 - Day 1The idea is to lay out to decision makers exactly how the greatly expanded credits program will work and what the benefits of filming in L.A. now are. Garcetti is expected to address the Greenlight Hollywood plan during Oscar weekend. Since his election in 2013, the mayor has made getting production back to L.A. a big priority, with the creation of the Film Office first under former AMPAS boss Tom Sherek and then Tinseltown powerhouse lawyer Ziffren. Garcetti and his Film Office were deeply involved behind the scenes and sometimes in public with legislation to massively the massive increase California’s once-$100 million Film and TV Tax Credit Program, first created in 2009. Estimates are that the new program could see up to 10,000 crew jobs brought back to Cali, sources in City Hall say.

With one last lottery set for April 1 for TV productions, the new non-lottery and job creation centric California Film Commission administered program kicks in May. Online applications for TV productions will be accepted from May 11-17, with successful production expected to be notified within two weeks. The first Features application period will occur sometime in July, the CFC says.