Gillian Vigman (New Girl, The Hangover franchise), Alexie Gilmore and Jessica Meraz (ABC Family’s Chasing Life) have been AlexieGilmoremerazcase as the female leads opposite Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske in the Broken Lizard quartet’s TBS comedy pilot Quality Time. Written, executive produced by and starring Soter, Heffernan, Lemme and Stolhanske, the semi-autobiographical Quality Time is about four college buddies (Soter, Heffernan, Lemme, Stolhanske) who kept their sophomoric ways in suspended animation throughout their 20s and are now succumbing to reproduction. It’s a nontraditional fatherhood comedy about the constant push and pull between the dudes they used to be and the men they are attempting to be.

Heffernan’s Kevin is the Big Fella, a Type A classic lawyer, a respectable guy, father of three and the voice of reason…in his own mind. When he cuts loose, he really cuts loose. Lemme’s Steve is the Rascal — married to a younger woman and with his first child on the way, the kind of guy who has never grown up and is constantly stirring trouble. Soter’s Paul the Wantrepreneur, a stay-at-home Dad of two daughters. His wife’s business success, coupled with his flailing enterprises, has him going through a crisis of identity that makes him hilariously neurotic. Stolhanske’s the Dutch is recently divorced and re-entering the dating pool. He keeps reinventing himself in the hopes of meeting young singles, which only draws the scorn of his pals.

Vigman, repped by APA and Trademark Talent, plays Kevin’s wife Samantha, OBGYN and Chair of the Department at her hospital who is sensible, grounded, and endlessly patient. Gilmore, repped by Global Artists, Matthew Seamons, Michael Lazo and attorney Larry Kopeikin, plays Paul’s wife Lizzie, a successful software/App developer. Tall, lovely, a college jock who brings home the bacon — she’s better than Paul at everything. Meraz, repped by Principato-Young and Innovative Artists, plays Steve’s wife Nicole, who is younger than the other wives by 10 years and wears the pants in running their Amusement Center business.

Also executive producing the TBS-backed pilot are Entertainment One‘s Michael Rosenberg and John Morayniss as well as Steven Amato and Michael Wallen.