CBS’ tribute to its correspondent Bob Simon will run 90 minutes this Sunday, 7-8:30 PM ET/PT. Steve Kroft anchors this 90-minute 60 minutes, which will be followed by the 2½ hour movie Act Of Valor.

Bob Simon final reportThis past Sunday, 60 Minutes opened with a report Simon finished the day he died in a car crash on New York City’s West Side Highway. Simon was killed February 11 when the Town Car in which he was a passenger sideswiped another car on the highway, reportedly while doing 55 mph in a 35 mph zone, then slammed into a barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes. Simon’s report, Z Mapp, looked at the development of a promising drug to combat Ebola.

His private funeral was held Tuesday at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, attended by about 150, including NBC News’ Tom Brokaw, CBS News’ Charlie Rose, Jeff Fager, Scott Pelley, Morley Safer and CBS cameraman Norman Lloyd, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, former CBS honcho Howard Stringer, former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, and family, among others, according to news reports.