EXLCUSIVE: There is no question Fox Searchlight’s Birdman is having a very good awards season. As the winner of the SAG ensemble cast award, PGA and now DbirdmanGA award for director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, it is on a trajectory to have a very good Oscar night. Those three guilds — all going for Birdman — are traditionally very predictive of the way the winds are blowing in the Academy.

But it remains an extremely tight race, especially since Boyhood, which won the lion’s share of critics awards and the Golden Globes came roaring back at BAFTA with three big wins Sunday while Birdman won only for its Cinematography. Last night, Birdman was on top at the Final Draft screenwriting awards for its original screenplay, and it is expected to win at the ASC Cinematographers Awards on Sunday.

Because it was not made under the auspices of the WGA Basic Agreement, it is ineligible to compete at Saturday’s WGA Awards, leaving another opening for Boyhood, or Wes Anderson’s  The Grand Budapest Hotel. After that, the last pre-Academy test between the frontrunners will be at the Indie Spirit Awards on February 21, the day before the Oscars.

Due to the tightness of this race, it is no wonder Fox Searchlight is doing everything they can to heighten Birdman’s profile as voting continues through next Tuesday. The studio has even created a new website dedicated to promoting the film’s awards pedigree –  aboveallbirdman.com. And  in this exclusive featurette we, learn about the physical and psychological process Gonzalez Inarritu employed to get the results he did in the audacious and daring cinematic experiment. Check it out.