CBS News has put online the video Fox News Channel star Bill O’Reilly had requested of the news division’s coverage of the end of the Falklands War. O’Reilly said yesterday on FNC’s Mediabuzz that he intended to show the footage on his primetime program tonight, as various media outlets and journalists question his account of his coverage of protests in Buenos Aires at the end of the war.

“A look back at CBS News coverage of the conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom,” CBS News says of the video. “Four clips include: the CBS Evening News and a special report from June 15,1982 and the CBS Morning News and CBS Evening News from June 16, 1982.

In one video, Evening News anchor Dan Rather reports, “As word of the Argentine defeat leaked out in Buenos Aires, thousands of demonstrators began to gather outside the presidential palace.” When the crowd grew to about 5,000, many shouting  “Traitor, traitor,” the police “moved in with clubs and tear gas, they dispersed the crowd,” Rather said, adding, “Some television crew members were knocked to the ground.”

O’Reilly will discuss the video on The O’Reilly Factor tonight; he’s also expected to point to a Christian Science Monitor article written at that time, in which the demonstrations were described as having reached a point at which “police were unable to control angry mobs that turned the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Casa Rosada (the Argentine White House), into a battle zone.”

One day earlier, O’Reilly enlisted CBS News and The New York Times to hammer a Facebook post by former CBS News correspondent Eric Jon Engberg. He rapped the Fox News star for calling “an expense account zone” the “war zone” that O’Reilly described in Buenos Aires following Argentina’s surrender to Britain at the close of the war.

“I got calls in to Dan Rather, I got calls into all the CBS brass at the time,” O’Reilly told Howard Kurtz on Mediabuzz. “I’m going to get the video – CBS I think is going to give it to us tomorrow so the people can see for themselves. They can see it. I want everybody to read the New York Times article [about the incident] by [Richard J] Meislin.”

CBS News confirmed yesterday it got the request from FNC producers and was in the process of locating the video, which was shot more than three decades ago and in the network’s archives, portions of which are stored off-site.

Meanwhile, the author of that New York Times article O’Reilly read from on Mediabuzz fired back at O’Reilly on Facebook, for leaving out one part of a sentence about a police officer who he’d reported fired five shots — the “over the heads of” fleeing demonstrators part.