The BAFTA Film Awards tonight at London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden ended with IFC Films’ Boyhood taking away the Best Film prize. There were plenty of American pics in the mix too, with Fox Searchlight’s The Grand Budapest Hotel taking the most wins with five and SPC’s Whiplash adding three, tying it with Focus’ The Theory Of Everything.

Here’s how it went down tonight with Deadline’s Nancy Tartaglione and Joe Utichi on site:

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:42 am

The red carpet show is almost wrapped — one big surprise was seeing Stephen Hawking there. The subject of The Theory Of Everything is presenting the Special Visual Effects prize with the film’s Felicity Jones.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:43 am

On the red carpet, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch both name-checked the snubbed David Oyelowo. Benedict: “I wish he was here tonight – he’s a good friend – but he wasn’t nominated which I can’t understand. He’s a superlative actor.”

Patrick Hipes February 8, 201510:43 am

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:43 am

And, Tom Cruise will be here to present the Best Film prize; he’s in London these days shooting the latest Mission Impossible

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:45 am

Folks who won’t be here include the
Best Director nominees of Boyhood, Birdman and Budapest who were all across the ocean
for last night’s DGAs in Los Angeles. Supporting Actress nominee Patricia Arquette told us last night that the
Boyhood crew including Ethan Hawke and Ellar Coltrane, is on hand to support the absent Richard Linklater. Here, two of the nominees differ with the DGA: Damien Chazelle and James Marsh and they are expected to be in the audience.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:46 am

Folks who won’t be here include the Best Director nominees of Boyhood, Birdman and Budapest who were all across the ocean for last night’s DGAs in Los Angeles. Supporting Actress nominee Patricia Arquette told us last night that the
Boyhood crew including Ethan Hawke and Ellar Coltrane, is on hand to support the absent Richard Linklater. Here, two of the nominees differ with the DGA: Damien Chazelle and James Marsh and they are expected to be in the audience.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:46 am

Ellar Coltrane told me at last night’s Nominees’ bash that if Linklater wins, Team Boyhood – Coltrane, Hawke, Arquette tonight – may head up onto the stage en masse. “It’ll be a nice change for him to have someone else go up.” 

Patrick Hipes February 8, 201510:49 am

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:49 am

The pre-show housekeeping is happening. There’s a countdown clock for speeches – the announcer asks that winners don’t mention it in their speeches.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:51 am

Stephen Fry is on video walking down the hall to the stage – after making a show of sipping a pina colada

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:51 am

It’s a “Fry-cam” on his lapel – a little pre-recorded skit which we’ve not seen from him in past years.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:53 am

BAFTA chair Anne Morrison is on stage for a non-broadcast intro.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201510:56 am

Morrison praises the UK industry and its success which is “galvanizing” today’s youth

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:58 am

Anne Morrison says Stephen Fry has asked her to thank the audience for coming to his wedding reception. He married on Jan 17

Joe Utichi February 8, 201510:59 am

Here come “British rock giants” Kasabian to start the show. 

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:01 am

They’re playing their hit “Stevie”, as a montage of the year’s movies plays out behind them.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:01 am

And there’s a light show!

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:02 am

No wonder Cuba Gooding Jr. is wearing his aviators indoors.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:02 am

I don’t recall that ever happening, do you, Joe? Quite rocking for Bafta

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:02 am

I remember some fireworks for Tom Jones’s performance of Thunderball. Officially the best Bond theme.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:03 am


Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:05 am

Fry enters from the back of the audience. “British film’s biggest night since this time last year… A glorious occassion when the heavens open and the good and great of the industry rains down… It’s simply pissing down with stars.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:05 am

“As I look out over the puddle of eminence, wondering if I’m stretching the metaphor too far…”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:05 am

Fry makes a James McAvoy/iCloud photo leak gag.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:07 am

“If you pass Benedict Cumberbatch’s name through an Enigma machine it decodes as “red hot public school totty”.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:10 am

“I went to see Paddington Bear. In all honesty I probably should have seen it with my clothes on.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:12 am

Fry says Bafta has a tradition of asking esteemed members of the audience to blow a kiss to camera (Leonardo DiCaprio did it last year, I believe). This year Fry has decided to switch it up and ask one to kiss him – Michael Keaton.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:13 am

Soccer star David Beckham is on stage to present the BAFTA for Outstanding British Film. On the red carpet he insisted he wasn’t planning to follow his ex-Manchester United teammate Eric Cantona into acting.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:14 am

This category combines an opt-in chapter picking the first five nominees, and a jury that chooses a sixth. BAFTA doesn’t disclose which of the films is the jury choice. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:15 am

Outstanding British Film goes to: The Theory Of Everything

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:15 am

The Theory of Everything takes it. I get the sense there’s lots of love at BAFTA for that film. Could this be the start of a sweep?

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:17 am

A smile from Stephen Hawking in the audience as Working Title’s Eric Fellner delivers the speech.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:17 am

Working Title’s Eric Fellner says “this is a fantastic privilege”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:18 am

Holliday Grainger and Lunchbox star Nimrat Kaur present Original Music and Documentary. They race through these early categories which get cut out of the BBC telecast. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:18 am

Reminder: Theory has 10 nominations this evening

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:19 am

Original Music: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Alexandre Desplat

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:20 am

Desplat says; “Merci beaucoup. It all goes back to Wes. He’s unique, his world looks like nobody else’s. He’s not here tonight but I’m sure he’s watching TV… Well, I’m not sure, actually.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:21 am

This is Desplat’s second BAFTA. And, he’s got double Oscar noms this year for Budapest and The Imitation Game.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:21 am

Few documentary teams here tonight. Only 20,000 Days on Earth repped in the room fully.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:22 am

Best Documentary: Citizenfour

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:22 am

Citizenfour was surely always a lock.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:23 am

I’m also tracking movements backstage in the Winners’ Press Conference – there’s always a delay for winners to filter through the backstage process, but I’ll have some quotes from them when they start to appear.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:24 am

Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux are presenting make up and hair. Both of them are in the new Bond film and Fry makes the first Sony hacking reference of the night joking he read the script online in December

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:24 am

Make-up and Hair: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:25 am

2/2 for Grand Budapest thus far. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:27 am

Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Adam Stockhausen, Anna Pinnock

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:27 am

Make that 3/3

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:28 am

Is this the sweep?

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:29 am

George MacKay and Olivia Grant up to present the short categories.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:30 am

I’ve seen all the live action shorts. I must admit I’m rooting for The Karman Line, from BIFA winner Oscar Sharp

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:31 am

British Short Film: Boogaloo And Graham

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:31 am

So BAFTA diverts from BIFA by giving it to Boogaloo and Graham, which was nominated at the British indie awards show.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:33 am

Alexandre Desplat appears backstage. More love for Wes Anderson from him. “He’s opened up new ideas in my writing.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:34 am

British Short Animation: The Bigger Picture, Chriss Hees, Daisy Jacobs, Jennifer Majka

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:34 am

The Bigger Picture features life-size painted sets/animation. Behind the scenes pics and video are extraordinary.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:35 am

Citizenfour helmer Laura Poitras was also at DGA last night, hence the no-show here

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:36 am

Editing is up next, with six nominees in the category after a tie in the voting

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:37 am

Editing: Whiplash, Tom Cross

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:38 am

Backstage, Anthony McCarten describes reading Jane Hawking’s book as a “eureka moment”. “Once we had the rights, Working Title and James Marsh came on board and we were off the races.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:39 am

Fellner says it “doesn’t get better” than getting a BAFTA from David Beckham. Marsh says: “I got one from Sharon Stone last year and she felt me up on stage.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:39 am

Whiplash‘s Cross is also nominated at the Oscars. There is a lot of love for Whiplash in this room where the audience is hooting and hollering the win.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:40 am

Sound: Whiplash, Thomas Curley, Ben Wilkins, Craig Mann

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:40 am

Fellner on UK industry: “Very mature talent and craft base, and we’re doing two things fantastically: servicing big American movies and coming up with our own exciting global exports.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:41 am

And Whiplash comes in to upset Budapest’s run.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:42 am

This is typical of BAFTA: chapters vote the first round nominations, but when it opens up to the general membership in round two the winners are often spread around. Sweeps aren’t easy, and take a real frontrunner.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:42 am

Whiplash editor Cross calls director Damien Chazelle “God’s gift to film editors. It was the most ridiculous schedule I’ve ever had, but working with you was pure joy.” Chazelle famously shot the movie in 19 days

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:43 am

Animated Film: The Lego Movie

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:44 am

Only three nominees in this category – but this is well against the Oscar grain: Lego isn’t even nominated there.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:46 am

Lego helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, whose movie is NOT Oscar nominated, thank the Academy, saying “You guys win the award for Best Academy… This is the end of the awards road for us so we can say whatever we want. There’s no one left to impress,” they riff. Adding: “We are very grateful and very proud.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:46 am

Stephen Hawking gets a standing ovation as he comes to stage with Felicity Jones to present Visual Effects.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:47 am

Felicity Jones says it’s an honour to present the award with a man “more intelligent than Stephen Fry.” Hawking says: “Yes, and better looking.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:48 am

Special Visual Effects: Interstellar, Paul Franklin, Scott Fisher, Andrew Lockley

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:49 am

Dr. Kip Thorne, who conceived and consulted on Interstellar, is a friend of Hawking’s – he’s even referenced in The Theory of Everything. The VFX team modelled Thorne’s equations to visualise black holes and wormholes.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:51 am

Ok, another big category coming: Supporting Actor. Reese Witherspoon takes to stage to present.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:52 am

This category has both Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo from Foxcatcher whereas Carell is in lead at the Oscars.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:52 am

Yes, and two Hulks in Ruffalo and Norton. This is a key observation.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:53 am

Supporting Actor: JK Simmons, Whiplash

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:54 am

Simmons was a strong lock, especially given the wider membership just recognised Whiplash in the technicals. He says to Damien Chazelle: “Thanks for the gift of this character to me and the gift of this movie to the world”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:56 am

Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema: BBC Films

This was previously announced, Julie Walters and Ralph Fiennes are coming to the stage to present. Montage alert.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:56 am

Fiennes: “Thank you Stephen, you’re doing an outstanding job. I wish I could have you as my lobby boy.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201511:59 am

Richard Ashcroft’s “A Song for the lovers” scores the BBC montage, featuring lots of early roles for some of Brit cinema’s biggest exports. Cumberbatch, McAvoy, Ejiofor and more.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201511:59 am

In recent years, Bafta has honored filmmakers, executives and companies like Peter Greenaway, Tessa Ross and Working Title with this prize. It also once gave it to the Harry Potter franchise, which is arguably one of the key reasons the British industry is so strong right now, having helped create such a strong skillbase here

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:00 pm

Christine Langan gets a hearty round of applause. 

Patrick Hipes February 8, 201512:01 pm

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne backstage just now after The Theory Of Everything’s Brit Best Pic win — will they be back later?

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:02 pm

Now for Supporting Actress: Cuba Gooding Jr. to present.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:04 pm

Chris Miller and Phil Lord backstage. On the Oscar omission: “We were having fun up there, but it’s a great year for animation and whoever wins is going to deserve it.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:05 pm

Lord and Miller: “About a third of the way through the script for Lego 2. A little behind. More after being inebriated tonight.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:05 pm

Cuba says he’s disappointed Stephen Fry didn’t choose to kiss him earlier. So Fry plants one on him. Cuba: “That’s the first time I’ve ever kissed a member of the royal family.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:06 pm

Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:07 pm

JK Simmons backstage: “It’s brilliant to be thought of on this side of the pond too. It was a character that was so clear on the page it was a question of doing my best to lift it off.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:08 pm

Simmons: “I was so glad to see Miles on the list of nominees here tonight. In my view he’s not getting his due in this awards season, but we can chalk that up to youth and the perception he hasn’t paid his dues yet.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:10 pm

Arquette gives an emotional speech thanking her castmates. She calls Ethan Hawke an “actor’s actor. Thank you so much for being my fictitious ex-husband and making me a better actor.” Ellar Coltrane is “one of the wisest, deepest people” and she praised Lorelei Linklater’s “bravery”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:10 pm

Simmons: “The fact that so many films that are thinking outside the box this year are getting attention in awards season will hopefully broaden the kinds of movies that are getting made.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:10 pm

Cinematography: Birdman

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:11 pm

Cinematography: Birdman, Emmanuel Lubezki

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:13 pm

Is this Keaton’s first or only time on stage tonight? Birdman’s win in this category felt inevitable given the photographic challenge of the “one shot” approach.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:14 pm

Christine Langan backstage: “BBC Films is the BBC’s sole participation in independent filmmaking in this country. It’s a small team with a small budget but it goes along way and we squeeze a lot of out it.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:14 pm

Michael Keaton reads a note from Lubezki thanking the Academy and cast and crew (Keaton says there’s some nice stuff about him in there but he doesn’t read it). Lubezki thanks Inarritu for his “courage, curiosity and genius”. Keaton then thanks Lubzeki for “being an artist and a mensch”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:16 pm

Outstanding Debut coming up on stage. I saw the folks from Kajaki last night at Nominees’. They were looking forward to a good night regardless of result. This is a jury vote – a team of 12-13 whittle down the entire longlist, some 100-odd eligible films – down to five, then pick a winner. So expect the winner in this category to be the cream of the debut crop in the UK. I’ve done this jury in the past, I know the work that goes in.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:16 pm

Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer: Stephen Beresford, David Livingstone for Pride

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:17 pm

Stephen Beresford and David Livingstone’s win for Pride is the result of years of work to bring this story to the screen. Beresford heard the tale of gay campaigners supporting the miners as an urban legend and put in the work to bring it to screen.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:18 pm

Beresford: “It took me 20 years to convince anybody that gay and lesbians and a miner dispute held any interest for a wide audience.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:19 pm

Patricia Arquette is backstage: “I’ve always wanted to work with Richard. He makes films unlike anyone else. When he told me this concept of shooting a week a year I knew no one had done this before. I thought it was pretty crazy that he could get three million dollars to do it.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:21 pm

Arquette: “I’ve been a mom since I was 20 and I could never have not been a mom. I would have adopted or something. My children have been the biggest teachers of my life and I wanted to honour that.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:23 pm

Arquette: “I ran out of time on stage, but I really wanted to say I loved Tony Scott, a British filmmaker. He changed my life and taught me how to listen to myself as a woman and an actress. Every idea I came to him with on True Romance, he told me, ‘That’s a f—ing brilliant idea.'”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:23 pm

A tribute to the late Richard Attenborough who died in August at 90 includes video messages from Prince William — president of Bafta — and Robert Downey Jr who Attenborough directed to his first Oscar nomination in Chaplin

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:25 pm

Fry says Attenborough, who everyone called ‘Dickie’, “glowed with a passion for life, for film, for everything he did” The Duke of Cambridge says, “He was a leader with a vision, a charming and warm man who was loved by all.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:27 pm

Downey Jr praised many things including his extraordinary wit but said he couldn’t share any of his jokes because their “graphic, tawdry and shocking” nature would render them censored. 

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:27 pm

Julianne Moore on stage to present Original Screenplay. “I’m hungry” she says.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:29 pm

Pride’s Stephen Beresford and David Livingstone backstage. Beresford: “It seemed to me like a Harvey Milk story. An incredibly important story about the origin of civil rights, but a story many didn’t believe was true.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:29 pm

Original Screenplay: Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:29 pm

Ralph Fiennes comes up to collect for Wes.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:32 pm

John Boyega and Alice Eve to the stage to present Film Not in the English Language.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:32 pm

Fiennes reads a letter from Anderson: “If Ralph Fiennes is reading this speech, it must mean I have won a Bafta for original screenplay… I was already upset to miss this ceremony. Now I’m really angry and resentful that I’m not there. I blame the Directors Guild of America for requiring my presence in Los Angeles where I have most likely failed to win a very different prize.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:34 pm

Film Not in the English Language: Ida, Pawel Pawilkowski, Eric Abraham, Piotr Dzieciol, Ewa Puszczynska

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:35 pm

Ida director Pawel Pawlikowski told me last night he was pretty sure Leviathan was going to win…

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:36 pm

Adapted Screenplay comes next courtesy of Jesse Eisenberg and Noomi Rapace.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:37 pm

The Polish helmer, who has resided in Britain for many years, says, “I once won a Bafta for Best Newcomer, then for Best British Film, now Best Foreign Film. I think we should just skip ahead and give me a Lifetime Global Achievement Award.” Big laughs

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:39 pm

Adapted Screenplay: The Theory Of Everything, Anthony McCarten

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:41 pm

I think this is Theory’s strongest category outside of Best Actor. But Imitation Game won the Adapted Screenplay Scripter award from USC last weekend, so is this starting to smell like a potential shutout?

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:42 pm

Natalie Dormer and Sam Claflin presenting Costume Design.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:43 pm

Costume is one of the few appearances for Mr. Turner, Mike Leigh’s biopic which had been looking like BAFTA fodder before the noms announced. The org will give him its highest honour, The Fellowship, later.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:43 pm

Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Milena Canonero

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:45 pm

That’s the fifth award for Budapest, with three (big category) nominations still to call.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:45 pm

The In Memoriam section starts with Mickey Rooney

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:46 pm

I think this is Theory’s strongest category outside of Best Actor. But Imitation Game won the Adapted Screenplay Scripter Award from USC last weekend, so is this starting to smell like a potential shutout?

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:47 pm

The In Memoriam section makes you remember how many truly incredible people we lost this year.

Patrick Hipes February 8, 201512:48 pm

The Lego Movie guys Phil Lord and Chris Miller finally collect some hardware this season:

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:49 pm

A very sad obituaries montage now with names including Mickey Rooney, Harold Ramis, HR Giger, Robin Williams, Luise Rainer, Sam Goldwyn Jr, David Ryall, Lauren Bacall. Brit exec Chris Collins appeared – he’s been name checked more than once tonight by winners.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:51 pm

It’s the EE Rising Star Award – the only one of the BAFTA awards picked by public vote. The winner will get a transparent blue mask. McAvoy – a past winner in this category – is presenting.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:52 pm

Jack O’Connell has had a very strong year, particularly in the UK. Early in the year, Starred Up and ’71 put him on the map, and by the time Unbroken rolled around he was already a household name here.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:52 pm

EE Rising Star Award: Jack O’Connell

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:53 pm

O’Connell on stage: “Public vote, so I guess the people have spoken. Now it’s my turn. Good luck.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:54 pm

O’Connell’s next role is in Tulip Fever alongside Christoph Waltz and Holliday Grainger

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:54 pm

O’Connell of the silver BAFTAs behind him on the stage: “Are all of these spare BAFTAs? Has anyone claimed them? I should have brought a bag with me.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:55 pm

Steve Carell comes to stage to present Best Director.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:55 pm

Steve Carell presenting Best Director: “I am here to suck up to the five nominees for Best Director”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:56 pm

Reminder that for this category, Richard Linklater, Alejandro G Inarritu and Wes Anderson are not here tonight

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:57 pm

Steve Carell: “I am here to suck up to the five nominees for Best Director”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 201512:57 pm

Best Director: Richard Linklater, Boyhood

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:58 pm

Ethan Hawke goes up to collect for Linklater.

Joe Utichi February 8, 201512:59 pm

Hawke apologizes for Linklater’s absence: “He was hijacked by the DGAs, and sat there losing, and is going to be frankly pissed off that he’s not here tonight.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:00 pm

Stephen Fry introduces “the four best actresses in Britain” – actually just Kristen Scott Thomas, who says “slightly over the top, Stephen” – to present Leading Actor.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:01 pm

Hawke says Linklater told him there was only one thing to do “and that is to say thank you to Ellar Coltrane and Lorelei Linklater… They went for this and there was nothing more fun in the world than to watch these kids grow up.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:02 pm

Leading Actor: Eddie Redmayne, The  Theory Of Everything

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:03 pm

Redmayne’s win had to be the safest going into the night, given his track record at other awards, and the local love.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:04 pm

Eddie Redmayne had to miss the BAFTAs the year of Les Miz because he had a bout of food poisoning and threw up backstage. “That was one of my worse nights, this is one of my best,” he says on stage.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:06 pm

Redmayne thanks three families. His own, his professional family (“You took such a gargantuan punt on me, James Marsh”) and the family of Stephen Hawking.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:06 pm

Jack O’Connell backstage: “I feel quite honoured to be in amongst this bunch. I feel Eddie Redmayne’s support. Sam Claflin, Will Poulter, it’s very tight-knit.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:06 pm

Redmayne thanks them for their trust, generosity and kindness “and for reminding me of the great strength that comes from the will to live a passionate life.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:06 pm

Henry Cavill and Chris Evans presenting Leading Actress.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:07 pm

O’Connell: “It’s another thing my mum will look forward to keeping non-dusty.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:08 pm

Leading Actress: Julianne Moore

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:08 pm

That! is a dress

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:09 pm

Julianne Moore seemed another lock. Not even homegrown support could help Pike and Jones, but I’ve heard endless superlatives from BAFTA types for Moore in Still Alice.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:11 pm

Drumroll… Tom Cruise is coming to present Best Film, or as Fry calls him “Tom F****** Cruise”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:11 pm

I think Nancy may just have fainted.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:11 pm

The night’s other awards haven’t made predicting Best Film easy…

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:12 pm


Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:13 pm

Best Film: Boyhood

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:13 pm

So Boyhood goes the distance. Three awards total.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:14 pm

The entire Boyhood team is on stage. 

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:15 pm

Ellar Coltrane: “It didn’t feel like a movie for most of the time we were making it. An exercise of collaboration and vulnerability. It was really scary to release it to audiences who haven’t always been understanding.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:15 pm

Producer Cathleen Sutherland says, “Wow, Rick is really gonna be mad about this.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:16 pm

Coltrane gets a round of applause for commenting that life without anything explosive or tragic could still be worth exploring.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:16 pm

“Despite the passage of the years he still looks so young, doesn’t he?” says Fry as Coltrane steps off stage. “But that’s Tom Cruise for you.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:17 pm

Fry: “I think we can all drink a toast later to the dissolution of the Directors Guild of America. Damn them!”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:17 pm

OK, Mike Leigh’s fellowship is up. Imelda Staunton and Sally Hawkins, frequent Leigh collaborators, up to present. No Timothy Spall for obvious reasons. He’s known he’s going to win for a few days, and has been outspoken about BAFTA’s ignoring his films in the past. Can we expect an incendiary speech? Well, they are giving him BAFTA’s highest honor…

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:18 pm

So the DGA had fewer stars than normal last night because they were all here for the Baftas, and the Baftas had less than 50% of the nominated directors because they were all at the DGAs….

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:18 pm

Staunton: “He shows how extraordinary ordinary lives can be.” This after Boyhood’s prize seems to fit nicely.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:19 pm

Considering Mr Turner failed to be nominated in the Best British Film category and that lead Timothy Spall was snubbed, this has to be kind of bittersweet for the legendary filmmaker

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:21 pm

Julianne Moore is backstage. “My pitch kept going up because I was so nervous during my speech. I did want to mention my mother, my grandmother and my great aunts, because they’re all from Scotland. That was important to me.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:22 pm

BAFTA’s montage of Mike Leigh films is making them look a lot more epic than they are – but they reflect the sheer range of subjects Leigh has chosen, and some wonderful performances.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:22 pm

A standing ovation for Leigh.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:23 pm

He pulls out a speech from his tux: “This is very nice indeed, and I’ve never appeared on this stage before. How lucky we all are to happen to have been born in this magical age of cinema.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:23 pm

Leigh: “To be able to capture life and to share it with audiences, not to mention the joy of the camera, the craft and technology, it’s glorious isn’t it?” He gets a round of applause in agreement.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:23 pm

Leigh: “I know some people expect me to be rude this evening, but I’m sorry folks, you’re in for a disappointment. I don’t mind a bit that we only had four.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:24 pm

Moore is asked about often being a bridesmaid at awards ceremonies, she says winning is “pretty fantastic and unexpected. For your peers to bother to write your name down or tick a box it’s pretty extraordinary.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:25 pm

Leigh: “What is an independent film? It’s been made free from all censorship and interference… It is a film made with the same genuine freedom as enjoyed by novelists, dramatists, poets, painters, songwriters and other artists.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:25 pm

Leigh: “It’s great to share this stage with a number of truly independent films, but especially Boyhood.” It’s “definitive” Leigh says.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:26 pm

Leigh: “I’ve made 20 films all starting without a script and none of them have been interfered with. If that hadn’t been the case I wouldn’t be standing here now. Thank you to BAFTA and everyone I’ve worked with in production and co-production.” Leigh thanks the late producer Simon Channing-Williams.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:27 pm

Talking about awards season, Moore says “Every weekend you’re going to your own wedding again. That is fun, but odd.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:27 pm

Leigh thanks his backers. “To those boneheads, philistines and uninspired skinflints who said no, a big thank you to you as well. If you’d said yes you’ve had interfered with the movie… and made a pig’s ear of the whole thing… Thank you for keeping away, and may you all rot in hell.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:28 pm

Moore also tells the press that after she did not win a Bafta for A Single Man, her daughter was so disappointed that she made her one in art class.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:29 pm

“More production in this past year in Britain than ever before,” notes Fry in his closing monologue. “No matter the changes in technology or distribution, the moving image will never be anything without story. For that you need belief, persistence and a story to tell. No one, not even Kim Jong Un can stop you. Good luck until next year.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:30 pm

And that’s a wrap on the main show, folks – but stay with us, there are more winners to talk to backstage.

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:30 pm

That’s the second reference Fry has made to the Sony hacking

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:34 pm

So let’s go through some stats. Grand Budapest won five of its eleven – most awards for the most nominated. Costume, Production Design, Make-up and Hair, Original Music. Wes Anderson took his first BAFTA for Original Screenplay.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:34 pm

But surely the “big” winner was Boyhood, taking the key Best Film and Best Director prizes, and Patricia Arquette took Best Supporting Actress.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:35 pm

That team has just appeared backstage. Asked to identify themselves: Patricia Arquette calls herself a radical. Hawke adds, “The same.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:37 pm

Hawke: “There’s no greater student of cinema than Richard Linklater.” Says Coltrane: “I was quite an actor when I was young and it was the middle years when I stopped thinking of myself as an actor, though I was definitely dedicated to this project.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:37 pm

The winners’ photo is happening on stage.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:38 pm

More stats: three BAFTAs for Whiplash, three for Theory of Everything, and three for Boyhood. Only one for Birdman, which is a surprise.

Patrick Hipes February 8, 20151:39 pm

One thing that didn’t surprise was Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore taking the Lead Actor and Actress prize as they make their march toward Oscar night…

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:39 pm

And Imitation Game was completely shut out…

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:40 pm

Backstage Hawke says: “We would have sounded more intelligent but we’re missing our leader, so forgive us.” Arquette thanks the fans and Hawke the journalists for writing about the movie, unsurprisingly the latter comment gets a round of applause amongst the press corps.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:41 pm

Redmayne is pow-wowing on stage with JK Simmons and Julianne Moore as they await the winners’ photo. We’re waiting on that to see him in the press room.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:44 pm

Mike Leigh with BAFTA in hand is a pretty powerful image. The Fellowship may have felt like a consolation prize given Mr. Turner’s nominations absence – it didn’t even win for Dick Pope’s cinematography – but there’s a pretty stunning career that’s being recognised.

Patrick Hipes February 8, 20151:45 pm

Speaking of on stage, was this the best moment of the night? It’s right up there with Stephen Hawking’s one-liner about being better looking than Stephen Fry:

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:46 pm

I think Nancy was a fan of the bit with Tom Cruise, Patrick.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:47 pm

Mike Leigh faces the press scrum. He’s a notoriously prickly interviewee. Tonight?

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:48 pm

This was the first Bafta win for each of the four actors: Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, Patricia Arquette and JK Simmons. It was the first nomination for Arquette and Simmons. Redmayne had been nominated previously for the Rising Star prize.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:48 pm

Leigh backstage: “As I said in my speech, for BAFTA to respect off-the-wall, alternative, eccentric, idiosyncratic filmmaking is wonderful.”

Patrick Hipes February 8, 20151:49 pm

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:50 pm

Leigh asked to choose his finest work: “It’s a tough one. There are films we’ve made where I look back and think, ‘How the hell did we make that?’ I feel that about Vera Drake, Topsy-Turvy and Mr. Turner. I’ve got a soft-spot for a film some of you might not even have seen, called Meantime. I’ve got a softer spot for Naked, as I do Happy-Go-Lucky. They’re all part of a whole, and a continuing, ongoing whole.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:50 pm

Big fan of the Fry/Gooding smooch, too!

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:50 pm

Leigh is “obviously” upset that Spall wasn’t nominated. “But I don’t really want to comment on that because it’s not in the spirit of this fellowship. In the end, BAFTA is a democracy.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:52 pm

Leigh notes the freedom he’s had to work his own way. This is an interesting point, because there are few filmmakers, even in the Brindie space, that have this sort of freedom. Casting doesn’t determine investment with the people Leigh works with. 

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:53 pm

Leigh: “My only real advice ever to young filmmakers is never compromise.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:55 pm

Leigh says it’s a great time to be in British cinema. “There was a time in the late 70s where quite a lot of people said British film was over, but the landscape changed. It feels healthy to me, and I’m happy to be pessimistic if I get the opportunity, but I’m not pessimistic about that.”

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20151:56 pm

Leigh on indies vs studios: “I’m not in a position of worrying about the studios. This is global cinema, we’re not in Hollywood. To hell with the big studios. That’s not what it’s about. Anyone who wants to put in the bread, if it’s the studios, great.” Boyhood and Whiplash wins “bode well” for independent cinema.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:56 pm

The last backstage interview: Eddie Redmayne finally arrives to a big round of applause from the press corps.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:57 pm

Redmayne backstage: “We actually shot some of the Theory of Everything here [at the Royal Opera House].” It’s the scene where Hawking has to be escorted out of the opera by emergency services.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20151:57 pm

“it’s a bit surreal to be back here,” he notes.

Joe Utichi February 8, 20152:00 pm

Redmayne responds to recent comments about diversity in film. “Everyone should be represented. I’ve had a very lucky upbringing, but I suppose I tend to attribute it to a teacher rather than an upbringing thing.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20152:01 pm

Redmayne: “We dream of getting to play extraordinary or interesting people and they rarely come as extraordinary as Stephen.” He notes he’s starting in days on The Danish Girl. “It’s another extraordinary story about extraordinary people.”

Joe Utichi February 8, 20152:02 pm

Redmayne: “There’s an alchemy that happens with filmmaking that you can’t control.” 

Nancy Tartaglione February 8, 20152:08 pm

And with that, we’re done. Pete Hammond will have his take on tonight’s all-over-the-map Baftas a little later…

Patrick Hipes February 8, 20152:13 pm

The Boyhood crew after their Best Film win.

Patrick Hipes February 8, 20152:13 pm