Reality series WWE Tough Enough is coming back for another installment on USA Network. USA originally picked up Tough Enough in 2011 as its first unscripted series in five years. It ran for one season — the show’s fifth — in the Monday 8 PM slot leading to USA staple WWE Monday Raw. 

“I am pleased to announce that USA is bringing back Tough Enough, the action-packed competition reality show from the ratings juggernaut WWE,” USA Network president Chris McCumber said at TCA today.

A detailed announcement on the new season of Tough Enough is expected in the coming weeks but McCumber said that the show will have a completely new format, featuring  live elements, as USA is looking to turn the series into event television.

“WWE is a cornerstone of USA’s programming,” McCumber said. “After signing another multi-year deal for Raw and SmackDown, this is the perfect time to bring back the series and capitalize on the enormous audience appeal of sports entertainment.”

Building a block around the popular WWE Raw has been a goal for USA. Its blind series commitment to Jason Blum’s Blumhouse for a micro-budgeted genre series is eyed potentially for the post-Raw Monday 11 PM slot.

The most recent fifth season of WWE Tough Enough, produced by Shed Media USA in collaboration with World Wrestling Entertainment, featured 12 contestants vying for the grand prize, a contract with WWE. A sixth season was supposed to film for WWE Network last year with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the host but the project was scrapped because of budget cuts.

The series originally ran on MTV for 3 seasons, and in 2004 it moved to UPN where it aired for a season as part of SmackDown.

Diane Haithman contributed to this report.