William Shatner is boldly going to Sprout.  Sandy Wax, president of  pre-school network, said Shatner will voice the narrator for the new series Clangers.  The previously-announced BBC/Sprout production, a 26-episodes contemporary reincarnation of a classic BBC series that first appeared in 1969, features knitted mouselike aliens in stop-motion action. Wax said the series called for a voice that could provide “humor and wink in the show.” With a wink in her own voice, she added this needed to be a voice that “kind of felt comfortable in outer space.” Shatner’s name was at the top of the list, she said.

The stop-frame animation series will premiere on Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show at 11 AM on June 20 and will also run nightly at 8pm within The Good Night Show.