The co-hosts and creators of Science Channel’s new reality series What Could Possibly Go Wrong? took the stage at TCA this morning to assure critics that their show — which recreates science and stunt experiments from viral videos on the internet for science’s sake — won’t be a show filled with tomfoolery ala MTV’s Jackass. If co-hosts Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds are creating a rocket skateboard, solar-powered death ray out of an old big screen TV or a trash can rocket, it’s because the stunt/experiments display a “fundamental basis in science or engineering,” says Moore.

On What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, which premieres on Science Channel on February 7 at 10pm, Moore and Reynolds sift through the internet to find the most outrageous video experiment fails.  The duo, who have been friends for 10 years, then recreate the experiment out of Moore’s garage using basic scientific principles; thus making the stunt safer. Other experiments of theirs include using nitrous oxide on a Go-Kart to drag race a truck and forging a Gatling gun that shoots meatballs.

Said executive producer Josh C. Berkley about the edgy videos they uncover, “We don’t use clips of those people who are seriously injured. It’s a fine line, but a strong one that we draw.”  Referring to a video where a rocket flew into a man’s crouch, Moore said “(The aftermath of that) was a fun moment. We only choose the fun videos. If people are getting hurt, then it’s not a fun show.”

Nonetheless, Moore and Reynolds have endured their fair share of bruises. Reynolds said that in recreating a slip n’ slide, “Kevin broke his rib and I hit my head on carabiner.”

Added Berkley, “Safety is our starting point. We’re dedicated that these guys are safe and the crew are safe. If we don’t have a good handle on them safety wise or there’s bad science, then the experiments don’t make the cut.”

In addition to Berkley, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  is produced for Science Channel by Hoff Productions.  For Science Channel, Rita Mullin is general manager, Bernadette McDaid is Vice President of production, and EP of the series.  Lindsey Foster Blumberg is a producer for Science Channel.  EPs of What Could Possibly Go Wrong? for Hoff Productions are Michael Hoff and Bruce Klassen.  Supervising Producer is Jonathan Burhop, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for Hoff Productions is Melanie Chilek.