SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains potential plot developments for The Americans in its next season.

A very clear plot development was revealed in The Americans Season 3 trailer that screened today (see the video above): The FX series will pit husband against wife over whether to tell their 16-year-old daughter they are Soviet KGB spies working undercover in the United States.

The Americans logoAt today’s TCA panel on the show, Deadline did not expect co-showrunners/EPs Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields to spoil all the possible suspense for Season 3 by telling us what the decision would be.

But when asked after the panel if a final decision would be reached during the season on whether to come out, well, they wouldn’t reveal that either.

“We can’t give that away. That would take all the fun out of it,” exclaimed Weisberg, joking: “Redact! Redact! Redact!”

The panelists — Weisberg, Fields, and cast members Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich — were relaxed and jovial today, but like their show’s characters, were not about to spill any deep secrets to just anyone.

For example: a questioner wanted to know whether Margo Martindale’s character Claudia would have an increased role now that her CBS sitcom The Millers has been canceled. The producers said they were already deep into writing Season 3 when that news came.

Said Fields: “We love Margo as a person, we love Claudia as a character, and Claudia is not dead.”

Rhys joked that Martindale could return as “Frank Langella’s lover.” (Langella joins the cast in Season 3 as the Jennings’ former KGB handler, now back on duty).

The producers were asked to address another mystery: With all its critical acclaim, how come the series doesn’t have more viewers or more love from the Emmys or the Golden Globes? Are they tempted to change the show to try for a wider audience?

“I think our strong inclination is just to try to make the show better,” said Weisberg. “In a way that’s all we know how to do.”

The new season begins Jan. 28.