CNN is reporting that veteran correspondent and former Washington D.C. and Moscow bureau chief, Stuart Loory, passed away on Friday at his home in Brooklyn, New York after battling cancer. He was 82. In addition to his posts at CNN, Loory later became a vice president at Turner Broadcasting.   Early on his career, Loory reported on the White House for the Los Angeles Times, covering the Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon administrations. Per his biography on the website of the University of Missouri, where he taught from 1997 since leaving CNN, “Loory was included on (Richard) Nixon’s ‘enemies list’ of political opponents. Loory cut his teeth in the mid 1950s as a newspaper reporter at the Newark Evening News, which is out of print. Before segueing to TV journalism for CNN in 1980, Loory was the managing editor of the Chicago Sun-Times.  He loved science, writing about space flights from Mercury through Gemini for The New York Times and covered the NASA space shuttle flights for CNN. In 1991, he reported on the fall of the Soviet Union for CNN.