For BBC America’s Orphan Black panel at TCA, star Tatiana Maslany appeared via satellite, so she was spared being swarmed by TV journalists after the session to ask how she feels about being snubbed for a Golden Globes nomination this year.

 Instead, the discussion veered to the series newest “cloned” character,  actor Ari Millen’s Rudy, who will embody the clones of Project Castor in Season 3, which begins April 18.   Of Millen’s character,  show co-creator John Fawcett said cheerfully: “We were originally going to kill him.” “ But, Fawcett added, during the “organic” process of deciding who was going to be the face of  Project Castor, “partway through Season 2 we had our answer.”  BBC America released a photo today of Millen’s character who is nicknamed “Scarface” due to his menacing scar.

Millen declined to offer the “spoiler” of how many clones he would portray but said he took his cue from Maslany as to how to proceed as an actor.  He said watching her portray multiple characters in Season 2’s much-talked-about dance party scene showed him how to relax, find time to breathe and concentrate on one character at a time.
Maslany joked that one advantage to having another clone character in the cast is an “occasional 3-day weekend.”
The cast and Fawcett played revealing next-season details with care.  Said Fawcett: “I want to tell you guys all this stuff but I don’t want to tell you at the same time.
He did reveal a few details about previously-announced new characters in Season 3: Actor James Frain will join the cast of Episode 1 as “a really amazing scary guy who comes in from topside and is a very dangerous threat to our girls.”  He added that there would be a “new character in Jason Kellerman (portrayed by Justin Chatwin) in Alison’s world.” That character, he said, would be an old flame in Alison’s world that will cause friction her personal life.
He also said cryptically: “The Scorpion is a cast member.”  Joked Maslany: “He’s one of our grips.”
Any hints on what writer/producers plan to do to top the clone dance party scene in Season 3?  “It is about topping yourself, for me as a director,” Fawcett said.  “Pushing each other to go,  what’s the next cool big thing we can do that we haven’t done yet?”  He said that co-creator Graeme Manson conceived the dance party scene and at first he thought it was ridiculous but “it found its way into Episode 10 and became a really exciting part of the show.”
Added Fawcett mysteriously:  “This year you’ll have to wait and see.  We have some incredible things cooking for the season finale.”