In a move that will finally stop us from calling Millennium Films’ Mark Gill every time Bill Lee makes a deal, Millennium Entertainment has been rechristened Alchemy. This comes after Lee engineering a buyout last summer from Nu Image Millennium Films’ chief Avi Lerner and his partners. Having two freestanding ventures called Millennium was incredibly confusing and difficult for Lee to build any momentum.

Lee has been angling to separate out the company for several years, including a long courtship with Luc Besson and Christoph Lambert at EuropaCorp before those guys acquired half of Relativity’s distribution pipeline to ramp up the production and release of their own films. Lee finally put his deal together, right before getting a $40M credit facility to make moves. The company next releases the Barry Levinson-directed adaptation of Philip Roth’s The Humbling starring Al Pacino and Greta Gerwig. That film hits theaters January 23.

The company has a film library of 665 titles, and a bunch of output deals and a strong relationship with Target and digital platforms like iTunes and Netflix.

“Our new brand name encapsulates our culture, our ambitious mission, and our dedication as a company to working with leading filmmakers and producers to create and deliver the finest content,” Lee said.“Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of creation and transformation through combination. The name embodies our goals of uniting storytellers and their audiences in one dynamic community. We believe that conventional distribution strategies must evolve to achieve this, and we aim to represent the future of screen-based storytelling—wherever that screen may be.”

Also, nobody else was using the moniker.