A judge in Chatham County, Georgia today denied rail company CSX’s request to prohibit photographs and video evidence from further public dissemination in the wrongful death case of Midnight Rider crew member Sarah Jones. The November 12 motion was filed after an October 31 episode of ABC News’ 20/20 aired partial train footage filmed the afternoon of February 20, 2014 when Jones was struck and killed by a CSX train on the Doctortown trestle in rural Georgia.

That footage had been submitted to the court as evidence in the ongoing civil case brought by Jones’ parents against a number of defendants including CSX, director Randall Miller, producer Jody Savin, and others, most of whom have since been dismissed after reaching settlements with the Jones family.

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Those settlements left CSX as the biggest remaining defendant in an increasingly contentious legal skirmish with the Jones camp. In their November motion, CSX accused the Jones’ lawyers of manipulating and leaking the train video to the media and asked Judge Gregory Sapp to stop any future photo or video evidence from going public.

Meanwhile, Miller, Savin, exec producer/unit production manager Jay Sedrish, and 1st assistant director Hillary Schwartz are charged separately on criminal counts of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing for their roles in the tragedy. A criminal trial has been set for March.