On the Animal Planet’s upcoming live action reality series Matt On The Run, adrenaline trekkers Matt Galland, Blake Josephson and Danny Bryson hike 100 KM in every episode to remote parts of the globe and battle mother nature in all its elements — wild animals, extreme weather and its brutal terrain.

The sheer thought of it wrinkled one critic at TCA this morning who asked, “My brother hikes 100 miles a day and I think that’s crazy. How do you guys even prepare for this?”

Matt on the RunExclaimed Galland, who is a geography teacher outside of the TV show in the Utah Mountains, “We’ve run our whole lives, and there’s not a lot you can do on the show except be prepared to run 100 miles. It’s always harder than we ever anticipate; it’s scarier, colder and hotter.”

Josephson, who is a general contractor during the day, admitted that he doesn’t have time to train in between episodes, at least at the level that Galland and Bryson are committed.  Bryson added “You make a priority (to exercise).  You make a sacrifice such as not watching TV.”

But the great rush that the trio get from the show, outside of their steep hikes, is getting the quintessential shakey-cam shot. On the show, they are their own camera men. Says Galland, “We have this survival technique: Do we film or do we save ourselves? We were up to our chest in ice cold water, nine miles down this canyon, and we ask ourselves ‘Do we put the camera away? Or do we struggle and survive and try to film this?'”

Matt on the RunAdds Galland, “we go to the most miserable places on the world. Miserable is totally awesome and being uncomfortable is great.  There are so many things going on in the world, that this show is a breath of fresh air.”

At which point one critic asked Galland how he would be sized up by audiences with his extreme sports lifestyle, particularly since he’s a Mormon.

Completely skipping the question, Galland gleefully responded, “Are you talking about my Steven Seagal hairdo? But, man, I wish I could grow a beard.”

The eight-episode series Matt On The Run is produced for Animal Planet by Renegade 83. Jay Renfroe and David Garfinkle are executive producers for Renegade 83. For Animal Planet, Keith Hoffman is executive producer, and Sarah Russell is associate producer. Vice President of Development Andy Berg developed the series for Animal Planet.