EXCLUSIVE: Begin Again sparked a major bidding war in Toronto in 2013 when it was called Can A Song Save Your Life, going to the Weinstein Company for a $7 million minimum guarantee and a P&A commitment of at least $20 million. Regardless if you thought the title change was helpful or not, the John Carney-directed film opened modestly in June and grossed $16.2M domestically — though it did better overseas with $47.3M.

What’s not in dispute is the killer single “Lost Stars,” which in the film was sung in different ways by both Keira Knightley, who plays an undiscovered singer-songwriter, and Adam Levine, who plays her ex-boyfriend who made it big in the business. It was written by former New Radicals frontman Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois and almost acts as a character itself, becoming a key plot point in the film about a flailing music producer (Mark Ruffalo) who thinks he’s found the next big thing in Knightley’s frustrated Brit.

The song already has garnered a Critics’ Choice Movie Award nom for Best Song but missed the cut for the Golden Globes, and an Oscar push is underway. Check out the new “Lost Stars” featurette above.