HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver debuts its second season on February 8. Over its first season, John Oliver’s show clocked an average gross audience of 4 million viewers, putting it on par with HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

The “no improvements” promise is setting the bar pretty high. Last November, Oliver’s last original episode of Season 1 introduced viewers to the Salmon Cannon — a device that shoots spawning salmon over a dam on its trip upstream. “In your darkest moments of despair, when you see a world torn apart by war, I want you to remember that video and think we can do great things,” Oliver told viewers before beginning to blast salmon across the TV firmament, hitting: Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, David Letterman, Homer Simpson, Kelly Ripa, Meredith Vieira, Tom Hanks as he was making a PSA for the National Park Service, JJ Abrams on the Star Wars set, the Grey’s Anatomy operating table, etc.: